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Elder Scrolls Fan finds framed Skyrim maps in the Secondhand Store

A fan of Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim uploads an image showing a framed image of the game’s map, which they found in a thrift store.

When it comes to video game fandom, an area of ​​interest is the famous world map, which not only serves as a way for players to find their way around, but has become one of the most important, especially in this time. Take for example Older rollers 5: Skyrim, where one person managed to recreate the entire map of the game in real life. Sometimes it’s just as special to see the real thing, especially for this fan who got a surprise when they visited a thrift store.

In a post uploaded to Reddit yesterday, users without linuspau discovered something quite special hanging on the wall of a store they visited. Among many paintings, almost mixed in, was a framed picture of Skyrim map. What is interesting about this is that there does not seem to be any connection about how or why it ended up in the store. However, it seems like a particularly rare find.

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While the framed picture has a certain element of charm, u / linuspau decided not to buy it in the end, as they said they already had a copy of Skyrim map at home. They also did not say which second-hand shop they saw it in, which unfortunately means that no one else who is interested in buying it can do so.

Older rolls, and other RPGs, maps are something that has become important in games over the years. Not only because of the usage, but also because of the level of detail that makes them, all of which go towards making the game world seem more real. Fans have been interested in video game maps for some time now, to the point where a person managed to burn Skyrim map to a woodwork with incredible attention to detail. If nothing else, this shows the level of dedication fans have when it comes to the more cartographic side of games.

Maps can also show the size of a game. With vast open worlds and some of the largest maps in games that come with them, players can get lost in miles and miles of digital terrain. Having a framed picture showing one of the most famous maps in gaming is a unique and rare find, and while the Reddit user chose not to purchase it, it is a testament to the power of video game maps that such a curio can end up in a second-hand shop apparently mixed among a series of works of art.

Skyrim is available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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