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EA launches service with unlimited access to PC games

EA's Origin Access Premier expires today and adds a higher level to the subscription service. The upgraded version of Origin Access gives you unlimited access to new releases on PC as well as early access five days before launch.

The basic tier gives access to Vault of 100+ older EA and third party games along with a 10% discount on purchases. Premier contains all this, along with new games when they launch like FIFA 19, Madden NFL 19 and Battlefield V. When EA bothered the promotion, it also promised its big budget shooter Anthem will be included when released next year. In particular, the upcoming games included with the subscription are the special releases: NHL 19 Hall of Fame, FIFA 1

9 Ultimate, Battlefield 5 Deluxe and Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition.

It costs $ 15 / £ 15 per month or $ 100 / £ 90 per year, compared to basic tier is $ 5 / £ 4 and $ 30 / £ 20, respectively. Subscription gets you now before Madden drops on August 10, and the entire subscription at the end of the year will get you EA's entire slate for just over the cost of a game. Of course, if you let your subscription go away, the games go as well.

This makes EA's own subscription service similar to Xbox Game Pass, which provides a high demand for older games along with all new Microsoft first-party games that they release. It also costs $ 10 per month.

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