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EA clarifies that Battlefield 5's multiplayer modes can be played on launch

Publisher EA revealed some great information this week on the forthcoming Battlefield 5 and at the beginning it did not quite sound like good news. A new blog post about the status of game development stated that the flagship multiplayer mode, called Grand Operations, would not be available on launch day. Fortunately for fans of WWII-themed shooter, this detail turned out to be wrong;

The original new post on the official Battlefield website noted that Grand Operations would be available "shortly after launch" without going into detail on the basis of the delay or especially when players could jump into mode. As you would expect for this kind of news about one of the year's biggest releases, words spread quickly online among fans and game news.

EA has been quick to reach new outlets, but says that the information about the Grand Business was outdated, and based on development status from earlier this year. " Battlefield V Grand Operations is an experience that can be played on launch and as part of Tides of War, representatives have provided with the update of the blog post.

First revealed on this year's E3, Grand Operations is described like Battlefield 5 "ultimate multiplayer experience", with multiple quests, 64 player games that include historically accurate narrative items and unfold over several in-game days. The game is launching 1

9. October on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and it's good to hear that players will be able to check out the new multiplayer offers together with the campaign on day one.

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