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EA assures fans that they are still working on new Skate that promised “a little” fall • Eurogamer.net

Here are 75 seconds of game-free teaser.

As promised, EA has shared “a little” related to its long-awaited Skate revival after announcing that there would be no news about the last part of the long-asleep skateboard series during Thursday’s EA Play Live. Skate fans should probably not get too excited; beyond confirmation that the game is still in operation, there is little to see here.

Announced in June last year, EA̵

7;s Skate Revival – the fourth game in the series and the first part since 2010’s Skate 3 – is being worked on by the newly formed studio Full Circle, which counts original Skate creators Deran Chung and Cuz Parry among its numbers .

We’re working on it – Skate Trailer.

Given that Full Circle was only formally created earlier this year, work on the new Skate game is surprisingly still in its early stages, and Chung said just as much in EA’s new teaser video. “The truth is, it’s still early,” he explained. “We’re still working on it.”

It’s no surprise that gameplay is not something to be found in the video, but we get a selection of gawps and gasps from various devs, skateboarding stars and YouTubers that we are told have put some footage in the game. For everyone else, however, EA fills in the blanks with glimpses of motion recording sessions behind the scenes and the weird wire frame.

So there is little for Skate fans to get really excited about – beyond the assurance that part 4 is still in development – and the long, long wait continues for more comprehensive news.

Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer.

In addition to Skate’s EA Play Live absence, EA has confirmed that there will be no performances from Dragon Age and Mass Effect, or any of its future Star Wars titles, during the 40-minute livestream this Thursday, July 22 at 6 p.m. It’s probably safe to expect something on Apex Legends and Battlefield 2042, and Eurogamer will report the event live.

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