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Dyson’s latest wireless vacuum cleaner is a pure freaks dream

Dyson V15 Detect shines a laser on the floor to detect dust and dirt particles.


Dyson just put a new spin on his latest flagship stick vac. Announced today, the $ 700 Dyson V15 Detect comes with a typical steep price tag. For that price, you get what Dyson claims is a first for a wireless vacuum ̵

1; a laser emitter that illuminates dust particles on the floor.

Dyson claims that this green light highlights dirt right in front of the V15’s airy cleaner head. The company says it has placed the laser in the precise angle that allows you to see otherwise hidden dirt with the naked eye. When you run the vacuum over a specific area, the laser can help you confirm if you have left any dirt.

A screen on the back of the Dyson V15 shows how many dirt particles the vacuum picks up and groups them by size.


Dyson says that the V15 Detect is also aimed at reassuring the pure obsessed by keeping an overview of the dirt it catches in real time. The machine uses a piezoelectric sensor that helps it log the amount and size of dirt. An LCD on the back of the dust container shows a particle size distribution, breaking them into buckets of more than 10 microns, larger than 60 microns, larger than 180 microns and larger than 500 microns.

Dyson V15 Detect in action.


Dyson vacuum cleaner large and small

Two other Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners debuted today. The first is the $ 799 Dyson Outsize which the company says has a 150 percent larger dust container than previous wireless vacuum. It also uses a cleaning head that is 25% wider than the V15. The Outsize is based on the previous one Dyson V11 vacuum platform.

The new $ 400 Dyson Omni-Glide is aimed at urban apartment dwellers. This model has a slimmer, lighter design, and comes with a new “omnidirectional fluffy cleaner head” which is built to squeeze into tight spaces and corners.

All three vacuum cleaners are available from today and are sold directly through the Dyson website.

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