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Dyson’s latest vacuum, the V15, comes with a laser beam

If Yoda used a vacuum cleaner instead of a lightsaber, it would be this one.

Dyson’s new vacuum will be launched on Wednesday and is the most futuristic to date. Dyson V15 Detect is a wireless vacuum equipped with a green laser.

Why a laser? Dyson says that light exposes dust particles you would not normally be able to see, so you get every spot.

Strangely satisfying.

Strangely satisfying.

In addition to the freakin ‘laser beams, the V15 also has some other cool tricks. It has an LCD screen that shows the estimated size and amount of dust particles you suck up. It claims that the sensor that enables this tracking will also increase suction when more dust is displayed.

Anyone with pet and / or human hair will appreciate a different design upgrade. The vacuum has an “anti-tangle conical brush bar” intended to prevent the hair from getting stuck in the vacuum hairs.

And now we come to Dyson of it all. Of course, this product sounds good. Dust tracking! Anti-tangle technology! Lasers! Nothing sucks and blows like a Dyson. Unfortunately, it costs $ 699.99.

Must catch them all.  Dust particles, that is.

Must catch them all. Dust particles, that is.

While we all laugh / cry at that price, let’s get back to the important part: the laser.

It is green, a color the company said it chose “for its ability to provide the best contrast.” It is located in the head itself “exactly at a 1.5 degree angle, 7.2 mm from the ground.” It is intended for hard floors, and efficiency can be “affected by ambient light conditions, debris and surface.”

But in general, the value proposition is quite sexy: “It means that hidden dust on the floor surface that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye can be seen and removed.”

* Swim *

Dyson launches two other vacuum cleaners on Wednesday. One is called Dyson Outsize, a wireless boy with a large boy capacity that costs $ 799.99. The other is called Dyson Omniglide, which is a nice vacuum that can swing in all directions. One will run you only $ 399.99.

Gli!  Gli!  Gli!

Gli! Gli! Gli!

A good vacuum is actually something worth investing in, and Dyson certainly creates a good vacuum. Should your vacuum come with a laser? Well, that’s a personal choice.

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