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Dying Light’s Hellraid DLC gets a story mode

The somewhat confusing story of Hellraid continues: what was once a standalone game became Dying Light DLC – and now that DLC is getting a story mode.

Dying Light from 2015 received a dark fantasy DLC expansion last year called Dying Light: Hellraid. Today, a free update expands after the expansion, adding a Story Mode and new weapons.

Launching on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today, the ‘The Prisoner’ update will send gamers “deep into the demon-infected guts of Ba’al’s Temple to save Lucius, a mysterious and powerful belly”. Do not adjust your screens, this is still Dying Light we are talking about, the Hellraid expansion has only a medieval theme, with skeletons, swords and armor in abundance.

In addition to the history missions, The Prisoner also adds two new weapons to the game. Hellraid̵

7;s first weapon, a bow called Corrupted Justice, and a two-handed hammer called Bonecruncher. You’ll need them too, as the update will add new locations and shield-toting skeletons that will require a “fresh offensive strategy” from players.

The expansion lighting system is also fine-tuned, as well as the ambient sound system to enhance the atmosphere when you make dungeons. You can check out the full patch notes on Dying Light’s Steam community page.

It’s part of a somewhat confusing story for Hellraid, who began life as a completely stand-alone game, before being put on hold, and turned into a DLC for a completely different game. It is still unclear whether the full standalone version of Hellraid is still planned at Techland, or whether this story mode represents what it has now become.

We reviewed Dying Light back in 2015, scoring it 8.5 and calling it “an explosion, even if the story is just ok”. Techland’s sequel Dying Light 2 recently changed the title to Dying Light 2 Stay Human and confirmed a release date of December 7, 2021.

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