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DuckDuckGo wants to protect your privacy by email

The popular privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo now offers an e-mail service aimed at stopping advertising companies from tracking users via their e-mail.

The Verge reports that the popular privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo now offers a new email protection feature that gives users a free email address “@ duck.com”. When an email is sent to this address, it is analyzed for trackers, and anyone found is removed before being forwarded to the user’s primary email box. The feature also includes special one-time email addresses to avoid tracking.

The personal DuckDuckGo email address is meant to be given to friends and trusted contacts, while the one-time addresses are best used to sign up for free trials, newsletters or anywhere you suspect may sell your email address.

The tools implemented by DuckDuckGo are similar to anti-tracking features implemented by Apple in iOS 1

4 and iOS 15. DuckDuckGo has pushed for privacy-friendly methods for various online tasks. Taking on e-mail is a big step for the company.

DuckDuckGo started with just one search engine and has since introduced its own mobile browser and desktop browser extensions to remove trackers while browsing the internet. Email trackers are found in more than 70 percent of mailing lists, according to a 2017 study. These trackers let advertisers decide when a user opens an email, where they are when they open it, and which device they use.

DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg told The Verge: “Our high-level goal is to make easy privacy available to everyone, wherever they are. So we try to build this into any major browser, operating system or email provider you use. ”

Weinberg added: “Wherever you go online, we will protect you.”

According to DuckDuck Go, the feature will be launched soon. You can sign up for their private beta test by following these steps:

  1. Download DuckDuckGo for iOS or Android
  2. Go to Settings> Beta Features> Email Protection
  3. Click on “Join the private waiting list.”

Read more on The Verge here.

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