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Dropbox has made it easier to find your files in Gmail

As you might expect, this new add-on makes it much easier to get Dropbox content to Gmail, but that's not all it does. Once the new plugin is installed, it appears on the right side of Gmail; In the new redesign, it is in the same place as the links that open Calendar, Tasks, or Store in the same window as Gmail. When you click on the Dropbox icon, the app is prompted to scan which email thread you have open for attachments, whether they are links to Dropbox or more traditional file attachments.

Instead of just a list of files, the Dropbox add-on contains a convenient contextual info ̵

1; which sent the file when it was shared, the file names and where it was found (Dropbox or Email). It's a fairly simple solution, but if you've ever dug through dozens of messages in an email thread to find the one file you need, you'll appreciate this new tool.

Next to the sidebar, you also provide a complete overview of the Dropbox file structure, which is useful for adding files to the folder you want instead of a "download" field. It also means that you will eventually be able to add files from Dropbox to your e-mail without having to search through what is synchronized with your computer's local storage. At a time when users keep less at their local drives and more in the cloud, it's a nice touch. Unfortunately, today's launch is unclear; We only know that it will be available later this year.

It is of course a mobile component for this. When you get your Dropbox created in Gmail on the web, it will also appear in the official Gmail apps for Android and iOS. As with other add-ons, it will also work across browsers and platforms, so wherever you log in to Gmail, it will also be linked to Dropbox. The integration will be available on Android from today and will soon come to iOS.

It's a little surprising partnership, as Google and Dropbox compete on a few fronts: Google Disk storage has many of the same features as Dropbox, and Dropbox Paper has many similarities to Google Docs. That said, Dropbox Product Manager Ketan Nayak found that crossing Google and Dropbox users was much more important than the competition. For example, he said that "hundreds of millions" of Dropbox users have created a Gmail account, while 50% of Dropbox users also use Gmail. "It's about user choice, our customers will use the tools they love and they want that choice," said Nayak. "This is the common vision of platform transparency like Dropbox and Google, and that's what brought us together."

There are some business languages ​​- but it is also true. Gmail is obviously the dominant player in consumer email, and it is also becoming increasingly popular in the business. And for the most part, Dropbox does not create features and services that so many people already use from Google and Microsoft. Making Dropbox work with as many other popular services as possible should go a long way toward keeping people and businesses using it.

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