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Dr Disrespect almost uninstalls Warzone and slams Aim Assist

The best Warzone players will compete in Call of Duty League’s New York Subliners WarzoneMania tournament for a massive $ 100,000 prize. We have top lists, streams, teams and more for the NYSL Warzone Tournament.

The Duty calls The League’s New York Subliners will host a new Warzone tournament in June. WarzoneMania will have a $ 100,000 prize pool, and many of the most popular streamers will compete against each other.

Sixteen teams consisting of four players will compete against each other, but only one will be named the winner.

Here’s everything you need to know about capturing the WarzoneMania tournament live.

NYSL Warzone Tournament Bracket

There will be no bracket for this competition, as the teams will not compete against each other at different times to advance in a bracket. All teams will compete against each other simultaneously in a kill-race format that ends after a period of five hours.

NYSL Warzone Tournament leaderboard

We will update this article with the latest set of contests when they are officially made available.

Day 1

NYSL Warzone Tournament

NYSL WarzoneMania Warzone Tournament stream

You can catch the NYSL WarzoneMania tournament on the Subliners Twitch channel. With CDL’s own Lottie Van-Praag hosting the event, StuDyy, JGOD and IHOLDSHIFT will be behind the cast.

Team captains include HusKerrs, EmZ, ZLaner and Jukeyz, along with various other top Warzone content creators and pro players. You can check out the official feed below.

WarzoneMania format

WarzoneMania is a two-day event, with the first day with all 16 teams competing against each other in a five-hour kill race. The top eight will then qualify for the second day. The schedule is as follows:

  • Day 1: June 7, at 16-21 ET
  • Day 2: June 8 at 16-21 ET

The first prize of $ 50,000 will go to the winner. Second place takes $ 30,000 home, and third place gets $ 20,000.

WarzoneMania team

Hosted by Chris Puckett and JGOD On June 2, the NYSL WarzoneMania team captains picked their team members in draft form. In turn, the 12 team captains selected their teammates from a selection of top Warzone players and streamers.

All 16 teams were then prepared by captains in a living snake concept. According to the tournament’s rules, the draft format ensured that each team would have both male and female players.

Here is the complete list of WarzoneMania teams and players that will compete for the top spot in the NYSL Warzone Tournament table below:

  • Team IceManIsaac
    • IceManIsaac
    • QueenShadows
    • Bbreadman
    • Exzachtt
  • Team Destroy
    • Destroy
    • AngelAT
    • clutchbelk
    • DougisRaw
  • Team Kalei Renay
    • Kalei Renay
    • Pieman
    • Irrationality
    • BobbyPoff
  • Team Angelika
    • Angelika
    • Tommey
    • Stukawaki
    • Frozone
  • Team Swagg
    • Swagg
    • SeniseiSwishem
    • Booya
    • Overall
  • Team Huskerrs
    • Huskerrs
    • P90 Princess
    • JoeWo
    • YKTDeleo
  • Team Jukeyz
    • Jukeyz
    • Five out of five
    • Mutex
    • Metaphor
  • Team TeeP
    • TeeP
    • HollyyLive
    • Blazt
    • Vikkstar
  • Team ZLaner
    • ZLaner
    • BrittneyRaines
    • SuperEvan
    • ShadedStep
NYSL Warzone Tournament Bracket

Seeing these popular streamers battle it out in Verdansk ’84 to be at the top of the final NYSL Warzone Tournament table will be quite the spectacle. Also, be sure to tune in on day 2 to see which lucky team takes home the first prize of $ 50,000.

Also take a look at how you can watch the new JGOD $ 100K Warzone tournament, where the best players meet in a 2v2 format.

Image credit: Activision / NYSL

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