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Do you want to buy iPhone XS? These are the best deals

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James Martin / CNET

The new iPhone XS ($ 999 on Apple) and XS Max starts at $ 1

000 and rises sharply from there. Ouch. The iPhone XR is less expensive at $ 750, but it is not available for pre-order for about a month.

Fortunately, Apple's new flagship offers. Four of them come from the four major airlines, while the fifth (and without a doubt best) comes from an operator operating on Verin's network.

Although we have primarily focused on iPhone XS in these deals, most carriers have options for XS Max as well. (Currently supporting only one, US Mobile, iPhone XR.)

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AT & T and Verizon: Buy a new iPhone, get another iPhone free

If you're looking for two phones instead of one, check out the AT & T and Verizon options: Both will give you a "free" other iPhone when you buy a new one – but the free payment comes in the form of service credit paid in the two (or more!) years of renting the phones.

AT & T, for example, will lease you iPhone XS for $ 33.34 per month – for a period of 30 months . However, the service credits during that time will fully cover the cost of an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus .

See it at AT & T

Verizon receives $ 41.66 per month for 24 months for iPhone XS (64GB). When you buy another iPhone – Everything from iPhone 8 ($ 775 on Amazon Marketplace) Up to iPhone XS Max ($ 1,099 on Apple) (but in the 256GB configuration, off for some reason) – you receive amortized credits worth $ 700 .

See it on Verizon

Needless to say, these prices do not include the cost of your line (s) of service offered at the carrier's standard rates. But there is no submission required.

Sprint: Free iPhone XS With Qualified Submission

If you take it as read that an unlimited service plan for Big Four-carrier will cost you at least $ 60 per month, as Sprint has a pretty tempting deal: When you pre-order an iPhone XS (64GB), shopping in a qualified phone and signing up for an 18 month Sprint Flex Lease your phone will cost you $ 0 – – you only pay for service.

See it on Sprint

This service actually starts at $ 40 per month, for a plan that contains 2GB of high-speed data. But Sprint's unlimited plans range from $ 60-90 – in line with what the other Big Four operators demand.

As for qualified industries, the list is: iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 (Samsung Galaxy S9 Samsung Galaxy S9 +, LG G7 ThinQ, Samsung Galaxy S9 iPhone 7 Samsung Galaxy S8 ($ 500 on Amazon.com) Samsung Galaxy S8 + Pixel 2XL.

T-Mobile: Save up to $ 300 with Qualified Submission

T-Mos deal is quite straightforward: Shop in an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 and get $ $ 19459015 $ 300 which is amortized over 24 units of account. (In other words, you accept the two-year T-Mobile service.)

See it on T-Mobile

You can also get credit for older iPhones: $ 200 for 6S and 6S Plus, or $ 100 for just about any model before these (including as far back as the iPhone 3GS!).

Meanwhile, the phone can finance s for $ 280 down and $ 30 per month, again for a period of 24 months. In terms of service, T-Mos single line costs unlimited plan $ 70 per month.

US Mobile: Save $ 400

US Mobiles deal is a little different – and without a doubt the best option available at the moment, because there is no trade-if required.

If you are willing to trade, the Verizon-powered carrier will give you a $ 400 credit for use over the next 12 months. Just activate a new service when you bring your iPhone XR, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max and a new or delivery number.

See it on US Mobile

To benefit from the agreement, purchase only US Mobil starter kit for $ 3.99, make sure you use promotional code CHEAP400 at checkout. Then, you order your new Apple iPhone, wait for it and the starter to arrive, then activate both with the second promo code coming from US Mobile.

This is one of the few deals that include iPhone XR, which will not be sent until the end of October. But US Mobiles offers you to late November to enable the service so you have a little buffer. Read more about the agreement in my original posts from earlier this week.

Which iPhone deal makes you the most attractive? Or are you going to sit this round with upgrades and wait for lower prices on the road?

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