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Do not update iPhone to iOS 14.5 yet. Here are two good reasons to wait


Should you update the moment iOS 14.5 is available for your iPhone? It depends on.

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After a long beta, apple has launched iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. The updates went live on Monday and include several additional features – such as new ones Siri votes and a fancy ny Face ID feature that allows you to use your iPhone while wearing face mask.

While it’s tempting to update your iPhone or iPad to the latest software Apple has to offer, there may be more issues and headaches than it’s worth being an early adopter of anything, even official OS updates. Instead of jumping on the iOS 14.5 bandwagon right away, you may find it better to wait a few days before updating.

Below are the two main reasons why you should wait before mashing the update button on your iPhone or iPad. If you feel brave and do not want to wait, just Make sure you have a backup of your Apple device for update to iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5.

Sometimes it’s a catastrophic mistake

It hasn’t happened often, but there have been some iOS updates that have anything but corrupted iPhones and iPads for those who installed them the second update was available. For example, one update in 2016 walled Apple’s iPad Pro for some owners. Another update the same year stopped some repaired iPhones from working at all. After updating to iOS 14.5, the rollback process is not easy.

My advice? Wait a few days, maybe even a week, after the update is available before installing it. That way, it will be time for first or second day issues to appear, and asks Apple to remove the update and replace it with a fixed version or issue a new update with bug fixes.


Being the first to go for software updates is not always the best idea.

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Not all developers will be ready on launch day

The problem you are most likely to encounter with a new software update is apps that are not optimized for the update. Apple makes changes to the iPhone or iPad’s underlying code that developers have to adapt to, and if the developer takes a little extra time to make sure all the changes work, there are mostly no issues.

But that’s just a general rule. There are times when OS updates completely break an app, and unless the developer has their iOS 14.5-optimized app ready to use, you can get stuck and wait.

By giving developers (and for that matter the App Store review process) a few days to squeeze out their respective updates, you reduce the chance of getting into trouble.

After you decide to install iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5, we will go through the process. After installing iOS 14.5, check out how to use the new one Face ID unlock function with Apple Watch. So check it out how to change the voice of Siri.

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