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DJI’s upcoming FPV drone is leaking again, this time on a plane!

When @OsitaLV starts, he or she really gets started. And that’s the case again, as leaks on a DJI FPV drone are constantly lighting up Twitter.

Just when you think it’s time to have a coffee, @OsitaLV comes in and you make other plans. In this case, a new post with a new image of what is allegedly a new DJI FPV product. It certainly does not look like anything else the company has produced before, but we think it is authentic. This is because leaks on this started last summer, and we have seen several pictures since then. At least one has been deliberately pixelated, but not this one.

And then, of course, @OsitaLV tweeted it.

The new image

Here it is:

Well, there it is …

We can not tell you much more about this picture. Colleague Josh Spiers has already written a long piece about what we know here. I have added it with some further speculation based on an earlier image here.

And now?

It’s a waiting game. Wait for more leaks – and there will probably be more – as well as some official announcement from DJI. The company, like Apple, is notoriously tight when it comes to official confirmation of new products. They simply do not tell us until we are a couple of weeks away. At that time, DJI usually provides sites like ours with a notice of non-disclosure agreement. We can not reveal – and never do – what we are told in these advanced briefings. Any leaks that may later appear after these meetings come from other sources, and we place great emphasis on ensuring that we do not add information that came directly from DJI.

And so? We are waiting. And so do you.

But do not worry – we will get more soon.

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