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Discord finally adds threaded messages

When Discord announced its Stage Discovery feature in May, it also said it was working on adding wired calls. A few months later, this feature is now available on the platform’s desktop, web and mobile apps.

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You can convert a message to a thread by pressing the “#” button that appears when you hold the mouse over something someone said. Alternatively, you can start one from scratch by tapping the “+” icon in the chat bar and then selecting the “Create Thread” option. Regardless, you can see all the threads you are participating in in the sidebar. When you open a thread from a chat channel log, it will appear in another sidebar to the right of the interface, allowing you to follow both conversations at the same time. By default, the threads are automatically archived after 24 hours. The idea behind the deadline is to keep the channels rootless, according to Discord.

If you are on a server, people with Nitro subscriptions have increased to level two, you also have the opportunity to participate in private threads. These do not appear in a server list, and the only way to join one is if someone invites you to the call. Improved channels can also allow threads to be archived up to a week after they are started, instead of 24 hours after that. With the introduction of threads, Discord also adds new permissions. Channel owners can decide who can participate in both public and private threads and manage them as needed.

Discord starts rolling out threads today. Community servers can enable the feature early. On August 1

7, however, the company plans to enable threads across all servers.

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