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Digital PS4 and PS5 games are discounted during Sony’s summer sale

Throughout August 18, a large selection of digital PS4 and PS5 games will be discounted through Sony’s online store. You can get these discounts through the consoles themselves, via the mobile app, or by logging in and purchasing them via the website here. There are 1,264 games and other content for sale, and it’s a great time to upload to PS5-exclusive games that rarely see a discount, as well as newer PS4 releases that are compatible on the newer console. Some of the awards include Return for $ 49.69 (30 percent off original price), Demon’s Souls for $ 49.69 (30 percent off), Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales for $ 35 (usually $ 50), and Hitman 3 for $ 30 (usually $ 60).

The new Mass Effect Legendary Edition which includes the remastered trilogy of sci-fi action RPG games is $ 45 (25 percent off), and the co-op adventure It requires two is $ 30 (down from $ 40).

Woot sells brand new Pixel 2 XL models with 128 GB of storage in either the once coveted “Panda” color, with white and black on the back or in black. Both go for $ 135, which is a lot for the specs you get, and because it works with most operators and bootloader unlocked for easier software flashing. Keep in mind that Google’s Pixel 2 XL no longer receives security updates or any other form of software customization, but if that does not bother you, this may be a solid phone to pick up.

Google Pixel 2 XL

Google’s Pixel 2 XL tops the Android 11 software and no longer receives updates of any kind, but it’s still not a bad phone if you want an OLED screen, decent speakers, and a solid camera.

Best Buy hosts deals on select Amazon products, but only if you order with your voice via Alexa. These offers are not listed on the website. Strange, I know, but stick to me. Here is the list of products you can get and associated discounts if you give Alexa a call through a compatible device or mobile app (note that you need to capture Alexa’s Best Buy skill and connect your Best Buy account to get started):

  • Four TV Stick 4K is $ 25 (usually $ 50)
  • Echo Dot (last generation) is $ 25 (usually $ 50)
  • Blink Mini Camera is $ 15 (usually $ 35)
  • Four TV Stick Lite costs $ 18 (usually $ 30)
  • Blink outdoor camera is $ 50 (usually $ 100)
  • Echo (last generation) is $ 60 (usually $ 100)
  • Call Spotlight Cam wireless in white is $ 140 (usually $ 200)

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