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Digital PlayStation 3 purchases can only last as long as your PRAM battery without Sony servers

Word that Sony was shutting down PlayStation Store servers for PS3 this summer spread like wildfire on the internet on Monday. The discourse in the comment sections was filled with anti-DRM rhetoric and renewed promises of only physical game collections, because without content servers to connect, your digital PS3 purchases will eventually become unplayable. Even if legitimate purchases are installed on the console’s hard drive before Sony “turns the switch”, they can only live as long as the internal clock remains synchronized. Therefore, this guide for replacing a PS3 PRAM battery is written by [Andrew] has renewed its importance. After a battery replacement, the internal clock must be reset, and this requires validation from the PlayStation network (you know, the one that will be shut down soon).

Game conservation group [Does it play?] drove home the impact of such a business decision from Sony on Twitter. The thread is quick to point out that although users are quick to download all their purchases again to a PS3 system before the alleged deadline of July 2, these games will eventually become unplayable if the system clock is desynchronized. If you replace the PRAM battery and reconnect the PlayStation Network before Sony shuts down its servers, it should buy the user more playing time. Without further changes to Sony̵

7;s license policy, however, little else can be done physically to ensure that the digital PS3 games work forever.

Sony is not the only one that has drawn the ire of digital rights advocates when it comes to shutting down its online services. Nintendo closed the DSI-Shop in 2017, and Microsoft cut off access to the original Xbox LIVE servers in 2010. The three major console manufacturers have all failed their consumers by removing the ability to repurchase in one way or another, but the fact that so many PS3 exclusions were only available digitally exacerbates further digital rights issues. Releasing a new coin cell may not be the permanent solution everyone is looking for at the moment, but it may not hurt to get to know the Cell processor again.

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