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Diablo III: Eternal Collection Review – Helluva Perfect for Switch

Diablo III may seem like a strange fit for the switch. It started life in 2012 as an action roles game for PC. Diablo III is filled with demons, evil and references to hell. It's not exactly Mario. Nevertheless, Diablo III is a great fit for Nintendo's portable / home console hybrid.

This is the eternal collection of Diablo III, which includes all previous content, including Reaper of Soul's expansion and the Necromancer class. It comes out for Switch November 2nd. Diablo III ports for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (and PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 before that) surprised me by showing how much fun the game can be with a controller.

Now the changed version shows me that Diablo is a perfect fit for portable gaming.

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About: Fight together.

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What You Want Like [19659008] Satisfactory Action

Diablo III is about killing monsters and collecting looting, and you'll find plenty of both. Diablo III is fast-paced. You almost always fight, and you are still raising new things and getting levels. This is fun and satisfying since you are always getting stronger. And Diablo III has many difficulty options, and making things harder gives better rewards. You get stronger, but you can still have a challenge.

You have seven different classes to choose from and each of them has lots of abilities. Even two people playing in the same class can have different playing styles based on spells they choose to equip. A Necromancer can focus on a construction that creates similarity and uses them as bombs, or they can handle most of their damage by pulsating out blood circles that also sap some of their health.

Even when you've spent a lot of time With one class, it's worth starting with one of the six other.

Over: Get that accident.

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Great on the Move

Diablo III works well as a portable game. It's easy to play in short outbreaks. You can only spend half an hour and clear a dungeon or complete some quests.

It's also amazing in Switch's portable mode.

Above: They look ready to fight evil and things.

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Playing With Friends

The other console versions showed how much fun Diablo III can be like a sofa co-op game. It's true for the Switch version, but you can also play local multiplayer. If you have friends with your own consoles and a copy of the game, this is an even better way to play together, since you do not have to share the same screen.

Over: Things can get hectic. [19659006] Image Credit: Blizzard

What You Do not Like

A Lame Campaign

Diablo III's campaign has a lame story and tropical characters. It's forgettable and boring and you have little reason to go through it more than once.

You do not have to play through the story at all. Adventure mode is unlocked at the start, and it gets you right into the action. It gives you a lot of quests in the game worlds and gives you access to Rifts, random dungeons filled with monsters. This content is repeatable and rewarding, and it is better to play this way than through the campaign.

About: Pew Pew Pew.

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Diablo III on the switch is my new favorite way to play the game. If you ignore the lame campaign, this is an engaging and rewarding action RPG experience that you can play in minutes or hours. And you will enjoy it alone or with friends.

If you have ever been a fan of Diablo III and own Switch, you will be well with this port. If you are a Switch owner who is in action RPG games, but have not tried Diablo III yet, this is the perfect excuse to give the demon-droplet a trip.

Score: 90/100

Diablo: Eternal Collection Comes to Be On November 2nd. Blizzard sent GamesBeat a code for this review.

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