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Destructoids Prize for Best Mobile Game in 2018 goes to …

Donut County

Setting up yourself to make your own game is one of the most risky excursions that a creative type can take. It takes tough. It can take years for a person to see his vision by pursuing, and at that time there are challenges that can track even the most regular artist. Self-esteem, lack of money, lack of sleep, a rapidly changing marketplace, or the possibility that another more well-developed developer will snake your idea. Copycat games on Google Play and the App Store are an epidemic for the small developers that give these marketplaces credibility. It happens with the very best games. It occurred with Threes it occurred to Monument Valley and earlier this year it occurred to Donut County Destructoids best mobile game of 201


Developer Ben Esposito first showed what would be Donut County over six years ago. Over the years, he went to several game conventions and continued to build on the ideas and feedback he received from the players. After missing previous publishing windows, he finally decided to get the game out in August 2018. Then came two months before his fight, a copycat.

Hole.io from developer Voodoo, took the concept Esposito used to develop, drilled it down to its most basic form and pushed it out at app stores. Any searches for "holes" or "hole games" will probably get it up, and from now on the free-to-play title has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. On the App Store it is ranked as the fifth top-free iPhone game in 2018. Voodoo may have been able to steal the Donut County concept and possibly some of its thunder, but it could not steal his soul.

Donut County is more than just a game about a hole. It is only the basic term that promotes its charming and layered history; a story that touches on gentrification, urbanization, consumption and our inability to take responsibility for our own actions. Esposito uses the idea of ​​a hole that will selfishly destroy everything around it to make a story about a raccoon who just does it. Likewise, the hole starts a little before it grows into an unstoppable monstrosity, so also BK, rapscallion in the center of Donut County .

Although BK is more or less the player character of the game, he is also a stand-in for Esposito himself. Donut County started as a title with what he thought to be Hopi Tribe images after he was enchanted by Kachina figures. As he told Verge earlier this year, when his design was rejected, he doubled his decision to use the Indian nation as a feed for his game. It was not until he was able to distinguish from his original plan that he was able to see a no doubt better way forward. He would not tell a story about a culture he does not have a part of, but about his culture, his city, his tribe Angelenos.

It's the soul of this game Voodoo could not replicate. Esposito used that hole to redeem in the same way that BK does in Donut County . It's art that mimics life and if there's not enough reason to give this game this price, it's probably the outrageous Trashopedia.

So congratulations, Ben Esposito. Donut County is now ranked among the best mobile games Destructoid has ever played and shoulder shoulder with former winners Four Emblem Heroes Severed and Downwell .

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