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‘Destiny 2’ delays the witch queen, kills the sunset, announces new expansion

Well, we heard that it came a while during Season of the Chosen, and today, a day after Anthem’s death and debut of the Outriders demo, Destiny 2 has released a massive State of the Game post with an overload of information.

There is some bad news to begin with, but mostly good after that. This is a ton to go through, but I̵

7;ll try to give you the highlights of Joe Blackburn’s wild play here:

  • The Witch Queen has been delayed until 2022. This is due to a large combination of factors, namely the fact that COVID delays from earlier in the pandemic inevitably affect future content, and they aim for it to be out early in 2022. In general, it seems that they can start moving the big expansion release to the new year instead of fall / holiday ahead from here.
  • In the same breath, Blackburn says that they realized that in order to complete the “first saga” of light and darkness that started with Destiny 1, they will make another Destiny 2 expansion past Lightfall, even though it does not have a name yet. And the “first saga” probably indicates a waiting “second saga” down the road, but whether it is not fate 3 or placed in another way, will not be clear here.
  • Sunset is dead. Like completely dead. No equivocations. From now on, everything you have that has not already been capped will never be capped (RIP Breachlight), they kill the concept completely. They realized that this was an injury to how rewards feel to be earned, and Sunset did not even survive the year, as they look for other ways to maintain game balance, which include getting nerfed at things like Felwinter and Warmind cells, this section suggests. Must applaud the relatively quick action here, and the total disassembly of the system. Fantastic.
  • People who are tired of power paint will welcome the small increase in 10 power differences between the seasons instead of the 50-60 we have now. This means that the highlight of power painting really is whole template now, similar to how things worked in Season of Dawn. I have some questions about how this is going to go (Artifact power?), But for now it seems like most people would have a version of this.
  • There’s a whole gigantic section on PvP that includes its own set of highlights. Bungie kills three tops in competition mode by disabling emotions and taking out “third-person weapons” (hmmm) without ammunition. They double the size of the player’s security team to prevent cheating. They’re going to destroy a bunch of stasis underclass damage and affect PvP. We do not know how this goes until it is done, but it is a lot of what people have asked for.
  • Trials and later Iron Banner get bigger rework to encourage more to play them, and especially try to get people to stop resetting after a single loss, and to get more to 3 and 5 win rewards. Get details given, and the sample changes come before IB.
  • Vault of Glass will start next season, and will have a competition mode raid race that is a bit controversial, given that it is a reprised raid. In future seasons, it will eventually get a Master mode, which means that Bungie can start making raids more difficult with a new difficulty setting in the future.

  • Ada-1 will be the cosmetic transmog supplier when she returns to the tower. She will give you quests for the currency you can earn to turn any piece of equipment into an ornament. It’s not Bright Dust. She will also sell that currency for silver if you want to skip the queue. Since it’s cosmetic, it’s not a problem, I guess.
  • I do not know how I forgot this in my first draft, but shaders are now permanent unlocks, not consumables, which may very well be the best news about this whole thing.

Quick hits:

  • Ikora has more to do next season and a big role in Witch Queen.
  • Stasis becomes more pronounced as a type of damage, and soon we have stasis energy and power weapons (and stasis enemy shields, can I imagine?).
  • More gilded titles are coming, and they will now show how many times they have been gilded, and represent work from previous seasons.

So I want to swap a witch queen for all these other positives? Yes, yes I would. Pretty much everything listed here sounds good in theory, and although I guess we can see how it works in practice, I’m encouraged by the direction here, both in terms of quick action like insta-killing sunset and long-term plans like new “sagas” Of the Destiny series.

Okay, my brain’s burning and trying to process all this. Back to Outriders for the moment.

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