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Destiny 2 breaks its own mold

When Bungie actively pushes out more and more information about Destiny 2: Forsaken, fans, critics and even those on the verge has Destiny 2 on their lips. It has torn around between other titans in the industry, and while Destiny as a name has quite a legacy of ups and downs, it has continued with Bungie at the helm and the community is actively standing next to it. Say what you want about Destiny 2, but the fact is that Bungie is dedicated to making the Destiny dream come true with both what they and the players can expect from here. Destiny 2: The cause marks a new chapter; even when compared to the exhausted king's release, there is only something in the air that feels different ̵

1; Bungie walks in, and they would love to play their game to do it.

If you missed a particular trailer last week, some of the smooth new arsenals show you the way of Guardian, so do yourself a favor and go see it. The music helps with … hype . Notice something about the trailer? That's right, all the weapons and armor pieces did some pretty things. Twin seeking rockets. Boots that bounce back projectiles. Arrows that cause thunderstorms. Arrows looking through walls! It's hard not to get away from this as a Destiny fan, when Bungie announced the Forsaken, they made it a point to say repeatedly that they wanted to break their own game. If the exotic weapon and armor updates are something to pass, they have already been evenly crawling against even more ridiculous play. Personal comes inkling across that when laser tag weekend happened screaming from players for this explosion of hijinks that appear for the shortest moments for the first time in Destiny 2, the signal to Bungie was that things had to change.

When Destiny 2 released, it quickly became noticeable that the game felt a bit stagnant compared to its predecessor. The structure was there with certain features have been improved, but without random weapon rolls or other chaotic systems baked into Destiny missing from Destiny 2, it did not come across as the same game. Seeing the Forsaken future looks lighter with random weapon rolls that return along with such chaotic exotic, it's certain to create Destiny 2 in a position it should have been all the time. It is exciting to think about how the PvE and PvP field will change now that weapons will not be locked into a particular perk structure. Destiny 2's future has a mess of fun, just waiting to happen with Forsaken and taking Guardians all the way.

It's not just the arsenal, but other great improvements. This weekend, the players discovered a wonderful secret in Destiny 2 whispered from the void (now known as every weekend). It shot a shot through the player base, and Bungie was happy to provide information for plans of exactly the same, but matched the entire game scale. Out are the weekly milestones that run the same plant drudgingly from week to week, and offer not much in terms of content other than getting more powerful equipment or seeking parts of equipment desired. It's a clean cycle that pays off a bit. With the whole system of how players will face challenges waiting for them in the galaxy, switch to a room there instead of driving a mill and actually have something to chase if it's a quest or a secret – Guardians should always have something to do while they feel something was achieved with any playing time. The word "hobby" makes the rounds as it should, as Destiny 2 can finally be the hobby it will be.

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