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Destiny 2 Black Armory: Everything we know is Bungie's next extension

Destiny 2 s Season of the Forge started this week, but The Black Armory mini extension is still enveloped in mystery. Set to release December 4, little is known about Black Armory and the content comes into the Destiny 2 Annual Pass. To make things a little easier for the players when they enter the new expansion, we've collected everything we could find about Black Armory before publishing and listing this.


This post contains potential spoilers for Black Armory loot and story.]

Guns already falling

In Black Armory some years weapons have been brought back with random rolls. Probably, these return guns will be able to escape from Gunsmith when the expansion launches, but for now they are actually available elsewhere.

In EDZ and Nessus, there are some places where Forge Centurions will spawn if you interact with a mysterious box that materializes in the environment. While the boxes do not currently provide any benefits, Forge Centurions itself has a small chance of releasing a new Black Armory weapon.

Some players get quick drops while others have not been lucky. These weapons should be far easier to collect in next week, but for the bored Guardian with a new loot on the brain, the video below explains how to collect them.

Four new exotic weapons come

In the video announces Black Armory Bungie revealed all the weapons explosions coming in season 5. There are four new weapons and a return that we will come for a moment.

As far as the new weapons appear, three seem to be connected directly to the black armor.

Izanagi's Burden is a kinetic sniper rifle that appears to be from the Japanese branch of the Black Armory – the smiths were designed after Japanese, Norwegian and French culture. This sniper's unique advantage is Honed Edge, giving players a full magazine of four to hold down and smash all four bullets in a single shot and they are seriously injured.

According to Bungie, this weapon can handle comparable head injury on Whisper of Worm or Sleeper Simulant – impressive given that they are both heavy weapons – and one shot a Guardian in Crucible with body shots.

Le Monarque – as you would think it means the monarch in French – is a new evacuation. Bungie compared this weapon to Thorn, a fan-favorite hand gun that was in harmony with time in Destiny . With Le Monarque, a perfect timed bow shot will use an injury over time effect to the target hit. If the perfect shot is also a precision stroke, the poison will be spread in a cloud and burn to all nearby enemies.

The merger gun – lovingly called "armblaster" by Bungie, although we prefer to call it "Mega Buster" – is the only new exotic we do not know much about apart from any games. It fits the Guardian's arm and burns a flaming bolt after charging. This bolt also traces enemies down and leaves a flash point in the aftermath. We should learn more about this when Black Armory is released.

The latest new exotic does not seem to be linked to the black army at all. Instead, it appears to be a weapon stolen from one of Baron's Forsaken – perhaps the crazy bomb or trickster. It is an arch grenade boxer in the big square called Anarchy. But instead of just jumping grenades to kill enemies, the arches burn on the ground burn and create a power when they are bound to other bowls. This gives this gun a great potential in defensive Crucible modes like Countdown or Horde-like activities, such as the new Lost Forge or Escalation Protocol.

The final exotic in Black Armory is one that we are quite excited about – although it is not fully verified.

Last word coming back

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Is this the last word? We believe it
Bungie / Activision

Yes. The Western Style, Burning Hand Gun Last words from Destiny appear to be back in Black Armory .

Bungie plagued that it's coming back in the video that advertises Black Armory as a hand gun that looks terrible as it can be seen on the hip of a Foresvar. But we have a little more confirmation to deduct than that.

In the API – a way for players to interface to the game server database – players have been able to find the most important word of the last word: Fan Fire. While the frenzy was just called "Last Word" in Destiny the same icon in the Destiny 2 APIs is basically the same.

For those who never used the last word in Destiny there was a Crucible machine. The gun burns like a typical gunwheel revolver, with the Guardian Fanning trigger and everything. It burns extremely fast and is meant to be shot from the hip.

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If you're still not buying it back, one of the exotic sparrows you can get from Tess this season looks as if it's modeled after the last the word, and it would only be cruel if Bungie did not actually put the exotic hand gun back.

This search titled "The Draw", which seems to be another hint, will not be available before January 29 next year and appears to require the extension Black Armory .

Ada-1 is the provider

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Bungie / Activision

Ada-1 is the new Exo supplier located in the attachment, a new area in the tower. She is not particularly friendly to the Guardian, but she wants to be with us all together in an attempt to rebuild the black army and begin to remake the best weapons of the Golden Age.

According to players who have been able to find information through either the database or a strange leak on the Destiny Companion app, Ada will sell counterparts to players at a fair price of 25 Gunsmith Materials and three Legendary Shards.

Similar leaks indicate that Ada will have different weapon frames every week for players to pick up and assemble. This seems almost like Armsday stuff from Destiny where players could pick out some weapons with certain benefits every week and work towards them guaranteed.

As far as her mission goes, they have all been datamined. It seems that Ada will send players to collect various materials around the galaxy – including some Destiny -stitches like engaging obscure enemies during the game's first raid or conducting specific public events. But when the players have a weapon frame and the materials needed, Ada will send them to one of the lost smithers around Destiny, which is where the expansion's new activity comes in.

Lost Forge is the new activity

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There are a few Lost Forges scattered around in Destiny 2 now and everyone opens at different times. These are found in some remote areas of planets like Nessus and have small arenas around them. When the players are ready to build a weapon obtained from Ada, they can go up to a groin with three of their friends or just match a lobby.

When the activity starts, it appears that there will be a typical wave based game mode. Guardians will put their materials in the forge and protect it while building a weapon just for them. When the activity is over, enemies will stop spawning and the smith will spit out a fancy new gun.

These all melt on a schedule, but will probably remain open forever when they release. All three smiths and a new lab placement – which also appears to be the fourth forge – will be open by mid January.

Black Armory adds a new raid, not a lair

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Bungie / Activision

When the players were originally promised a raid army – a little raid in a similar place to the main attack, Leviathan in the case of Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars – Scourge from the past will be a full raid in Bungie eyes. In a recent blog post, the studio showed that the new raid will fall between Crota's End from Destiny and the last final Wish raid in terms of size and size.

Although we do not have confirmation of this, it seems likely that Skur of the past will have its own solo table, totally unique to this raid – something the raids last year were greatly missed. This new Black Armory raid takes place in Last City, and is not linked to Dreaming City or the Last Wish story at all.

For players who are eager to chase one day – a completion of the past match, Bungie has revealed that the raid opens at 9.00 PT and has a recommended power level of 640 – only 10 under the new cap of 650. [19659055] Someone comes back from the dead, and it's not Cayde

In what is probably the most surprising computer game of all, the Destiny community has managed to un-earth a massive spoiler hidden in Black Armory .



In a snapshot found in Black Armory around scanning for a new Guardian in Dreaming City – Just as Ghost did for us in Cosmodrome back in Destiny . When the ghost comes over a body covered by a sheet in a pavilion, it scans and gets excited. It enters the resurrection animation and creates a new Guardian.

The man under the sheet shoots up and when his cover falls away, it is obvious that the newest Guardian to fight for the city is actually Wool Sov, Brother of Queen Mara, and Cayde-6 Murderer.

This is Very interesting for some reasons, but mainly because Guardians do not keep their memories when they arise again – in most scenarios at least. The wool will probably return to the tower just to be met by people who hated him in an earlier life-like Ikora, Zavala and us, the caretakers who killed him. Only, the wools will not remember why we hate him or the fact that he killed Cayde-6.

All this becomes even more interesting when considering that Cayde-6 left the role of Hunter Vanguard – a vacancy for the time – to Hunter who killed him under the Ghost Axis. Based on the way the Wool has always dressed, he appears to be a Hunter in his new life as a Guardian, making the wool sleep the latest Hunter Vanguard – the final decree of Cayde-6.

All of this is of course speculation. But seeing a villain as the wools revived like this is quite exciting. More will surely come from this in the future, but for now we can only wonder what the resurrection to the Wool could possibly mean and how it will shake the world of Destiny.

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