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Demolition of Pixel 5a 5G reveals similar construction as Pixel 5

Our review of the Pixel 5a found that Google’s latest phone was closer to the Pixel 5 than the Pixel 4a 5G, which was much expected during the rumor cycle. These similarities extend surprisingly to the building, according to a Pixel 5a decomposition today.

The demolition from PBKreviews starts with showing how the display unit has clips, just like the Pixel 5, in addition to glue. When the panel is removed – which fortunately does not have a boxy under-display speaker component – we see a similar layout, down to the graph film. There is no intermediate frame with components attached directly to the back cover instead of a center table of 4a and 4a 5G.

T4 screws (of different lengths) hold the metal covers over the motherboard and soldered USB-C port. The circular vibration motor is attached to the underside of that piece. This video also cites a “notification LED”

;, but it may be a proximity and / or ambient light sensor, which is to the right of the top speaker.

Adhesive pull tabs hold the battery down, but they must be removed with care. The speaker unit, which is to the right of the charging port, is connected to the system board.

Once removed, we begin to see the casing with visible metal. The headphone speaker is strangely attached to the back with glue and must be pryed off.

The NFC antenna is covered by another piece of graphene, and below it is the cutout in the metal body, which is coated in five layers of paint. The video notes how easy it would have been to add a wireless charging coil, since there is already one hole, but 5a must layer and hit a price point.

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