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Death Stranding On PS5 Isn’t A Director’s Cut, Per Hideo Kojima

norman reedus approaches a box of death-stricken director cuts

Norman Reedus and the Oddly Human-Sized Box.
Screenshot: Sony

Cross-genre games Death Stranding will receive an improved and expanded version on PlayStation 5 this fall with Death Stranding Director’s Cut. But Hideo Kojima, the game’s famous enigmatic director, does not think it qualifies as a bona fide director.

“A director’s cut in a film is an additional edit of an abridged version that was either reluctantly released because the director did not have the right to edit it, or because the running time had to be shortened,” Kojima wrote in a series of tweets today, and noted it Death Stranding Director’s Cut has content that is “additionally produced” instead of cutting. Delector’s Plus? So in my opinion I do not like to call [it] “director’s cut.” “

First announced at last month’s Summer Kickoff Live! event, Death Stranding Director’s Cut adds visual buffs and DualSense-specific haptic feedback. It will also feature a wealth of new content – build on the story of Norman Reedus’ Sam Bridges – and include a Metal Gear lurking box. All the new stuff, according to PlayStation Blog, is “carefully woven into the core experience.” Death Stranding Director’s Cut coming out September 24 for PS5.

Death Stranding is not the only PS5 game to receive “director’s cuts” treatment. Next month, samurai action adventure game Ghost of Tsushima coming to PS5 as Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. That version, which does not boast a free upgrade, adds standard PS5 enhancements (like better lighting and sharper images) along with new enhancements (like Japanese lip-sync), plus a new chapter and explorable region. It even has faster loading speeds, somehow.

These ports are by no means the first “Director’s Cuts” in gaming, nor are they indications of any new trend. (Memory Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut, a GameCube version of Sonic Adventure released in 2004.) But Kojima’s comments today raise a fair question: Are these re-releases true director cuts? The end result is still the director’s vision – perhaps the perfect perfect version of anything that sat in the director’s head – even if it’s less of a “cut” and more of an expansion. Although I guess Death Stranding Director’s Expansion does not exactly roll off the tongue.

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