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Daymak says it makes the world’s fastest tricycle EV

If you are in the market to buy a tricycle that can go from zero to 60 km / h in 1.8 seconds, then goodness, Daymak has the electric vehicle for you. The company crowdfunding Spiritus, a two-seater EV that apparently “runs like a go-kart.” It hopes to reach 50,000 pre-orders for the vehicle, which has solar panels for maintenance charging and a regeneration system, as well as Daymak’s own wireless charger.

Picking down a $ 100 deposit will lock in a pre-order and guarantee you a lower price when the EV is actually sold. You may need it if you choose the Ultimate model, which offers the aforementioned zippy acceleration. It starts at $ 149,000 and has a range of 480km. According to Daymak, it will be the fastest tricycle in the world. The deluxe version has a more modest range of 300 km, starting at $ 1


In terms of design, it looks like Bruce Wayne franked a Batmobile and a Batcycle together. The crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to end on July 23. Production will start in 2023.

Spiritus is one of six cars in the Daymax Avvenire series. The others include Terra, an e-bike designed for on- and off-road use, and Skyrider, which the company describes as “a high-performance EV capable of flying.”

The Daymak Avvenire Spiritus campaign is launched today, March 23, 2021 and ends on July 23, 2021.

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