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Dark Deity Nintendo Switch port announced for 2022

Indiestudio Sword & Ax announced that the tactical RPG Dark deity will be launched on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022. The announcement was part of IGN’s panel during Gamescom 2021. There is currently no confirmed release date or price for the Nintendo Switch port.

Dark deity launched on June 15, 2021, after a successful Kickstarter campaign connected the developer to publisher Freedom Games. Creator Chip Moore noted in an interview with Siliconera that he conceptualized the project during college back in 201

8. As a direct tribute to the GBA era Fire emblem games, the creator explained that he hoped the game would serve as an introduction to the strategy-RPG genre of a new generation of gamers. Moore even hinted at a possible Nintendo Switch port for Dark deity. At the time, he stated that it would depend on the performance of the PC release.

The tactical role-playing game is inspired by Fire emblem series, and updates the genre for modern audiences with higher resolution character. As we noted in our review of the game, Dark deity offers a number of improvements and adjustments to the typical formula, such as replacing “permadeath” with permanent statistical reductions. The game received a generally positive response, and is currently on “Mostly Positive” on Steam.

Dark deity is now available on PC via Steam. Sword & Ax and Freedom Games plan to release the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022.

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