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Cyberpunk 2077s current building can be played from start to finish

The release date for Cyberpunk 2077 is still a very close secret, but the developers CD Project Red has recently taken a significant milestone. The team says that the whole game can now be played, starting to end.

Now, it's worth remembering that it does not mean the game is ready to play, or even being shown to the public – something CDPR has obviously ruled since the game was shown to hit E3 earlier this summer. Instead, it means that the whole story is in place and as long as you do not mind missing assets (or many bugs), you can play it all the way.

In an interview on Gamescom, game producer Richard Borzymowski, Engadget told me that it could have taken six years, but "the whole game can be played from start to finish". Unfortunately, as I mentioned, the current building has "not all the right assets, game tests or bug fixes in place," but the story has now come together, more or less in its entirety.

Unfortunately, looking largely at the theory that Cyberpunk 2077 release date can be anytime soon. A full story is good, of course, but a big open world that is still full of mistakes and deprived of all its assets is not something that will be a quick solution.

It can also explain why CDPR has not been published with their demo of the game. So far, only the press has been able to see a hands-off demo, and it has been understood that it happens to be an extremely polished vertical disc, instead of indicating the quality of the game in general. My guess is that we have to wait until next summer to get our first right look and finally get our hands on the game by 2020. Until then, your only Cyberpunk repair will be the game's trailer, which you can watch.

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