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Cyberpunk 2077 assignments corresponding to The Witcher 3 & # 39; in terms of playing time and complexity & # 39;

Our Cyberpunk 2077: Everything we know about the CD Project's next RPG roundup suggests that Witcher 3 Dev's latest will be huge. The sophisticated and intricate mission of the latter game was some of its most redeeming features, and it appears that CDPRs next excursion will follow.

Talking to Samuel on Gamescom, sister signal Patrick Mills said that the logic was crucial for making The Witcher 3's DLC mission. He says that he and his team would often ask themselves if some in game actions were reasonable ̵

1; both in terms of assignments and the overall plot of the game.

"You have a client, you have someone over here – but you can just go straight to the other person and take the search from them and do it that way?" says Mills. "[The process] has become even more complicated in Cyberpunk. There are several ways to solve individual missions. Before, there were usually a few ways, a couple of decision points. Now there are completely different ways to play play ] The search.

"I want to say there is a lot of work – they are very, very complicated – but we try to think: if the player says," I do this? "So, yes, you can and then you of the consequences. It is part of the election in relation to the consequences – not only in the dialogues, but also in the game. "At this stage, Mills can not decide how often Cyberpunk 2077 most involved quests pop up, but resembles them to The Witcher 3.

" What I want to say is that I expect something similar to The Witcher 3, "he says." Especially when it comes to playing time and in terms of complexity in the quest. In particular, I'll even look at the extensions than The Witcher 3 basics because it's really where the quest design philosophy we're using now came from – it was developed later in the extensions. "

Mills emphasizes the importance of logic in relation to the design philosophy before offering a Witcher-related example. For the reference, the following are related to this (small spoilers, of course).

" It was a search without entering Too many details, where you had to find a guy's paint, the paint was stolen, says Mills. When we developed it, I remember going into the cave where the paint should be and the template was not there.

"I signaled this as a mistake and said the paint must be there. I must be able to find the paint before the search begins. And then you have to rewrite the entire search around the fact that you can actually find the paint before the search begins . "

As we previously reported, Mills also said Samuel CD Project Red has" just not been ready "to share Cyberpunk 2077's miserable E3 demo publicly. There is also a new, equally structured closed door demo at Gamescom this week. Here hope the lift lifts the lid at both times soon.

Additional Report by Samuel Roberts.

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