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CS: GO is now free to play as Valve adds a combat royal mode

Counter-Strike went to danger zone

A number of many people are about to upload Counter-Strike: Global Offensive . Not only has the persistent competing shooter been completely free to play at Steam, but Valve has added his own take on battle royale. The new mode, Danger Zone, is a "fast-paced" match to death for up to 18 players.

The basic flow is known to let you in and try to survive the competition, but your budget skills will come into play. In addition to happening and hoping for special deliveries, you have the opportunity to complete security deposit missions. Safes have cash, hostages can be picked up, and valuable goals must be taken out. Aside from spending money on weapons, supplies and utilities, you can also upgrade your tablet to track the opponents' movements, their deliveries, or even the danger itself.

 Tablet upgrades are key in danger zone

Valve states that "weapons have the same behavior and injury in Danger Zone as in other CS: GO game modes," but "since the Danger Zone players can have up to 1

20HP, they can survive meetings that would otherwise be deadly. "Also, yes, it's XP. It is earned by looting the environment and destroying.

I think this does not seem to be match royale with a basic Counter-Strike skin. I'm also really into shorter times of battle. Valve says that a typical round of danger zone will last "about 10 minutes." It is playable in Solos, Duos and Trios, with the developers who notice that they are "just running."

With regard to CS: GO is newly funded free-to-play status, everything is played Modes are available to new people and existing players have been upgraded to Prime Status. In short, Prime Status provides some exclusive items, drops and weapon bags, and Prime players are in agreement with each other. Beginner CS: GO Newcomers can earn Prime Status by either leveling up to Rank 21 in the game or paying $ 14.99 upgrade fee.

Counterattack: Global Offensive – Free to Play [Steam]

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