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Cryptic PSN Message Glitch causes soft startup of PS4; How to avoid it

Users on PlayStation Network (PSN) may receive a cryptic message that may force them to reboot PS4. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid it.

If you have not followed the limitations in a message app, such glitches have existed for a long time now, and they are usually performed by bypassing the limitations in the messages app using special symbols. There have been applications like Whatsapp on Android and iPhone, so this is not a new discovery on PS4.

If you get a random message from any unknown person who does not seem to display any text, it may be a glitch and cause the PS4 to crash with an error. It's an easy way to avoid it and this is through the PlayStation Messaging App available on iOS and Android. If you get such a message, delete it immediately through the message app.

If your PS4 profile is public, so anyone can send you a message, it's best to do it privately so only friends can send a message. To do this, go to Settings -> Account Management -> Privacy Settings -> Personal Info | Messages -> Messages. Here you can set it to "Friends Only" or "None."

If you get hit by glitch, restart recovery mode and just rebuild the database to fix the error. Do not forget to delete the message as well, and set up the right privacy options so that you do not encounter it again.

Please let us know if you encounter any problem with this error in the comments below.

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