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Creating games for two console generations at the same time “sucks”, says Control developer

According to MediumCommunications Director Thomas Puha, and it’s not particularly fun or easy to develop games across two different console generations at the same time.

In a new interview with IGN, the control developer for control developer outlined some of the problems with developing games at this point – when consumers and developers are both caught at the intersection of two console cycles.

“When you’re at this generational point, to be dull, it sucks,” Puha told the website. “You have to support the previous generation, make sure you sing, and everything you bring to the next generation is still limited by the choices you made many years ago for the previous generation. It̵

7;s not a very realistic thing, that this old game, we’ll just redo everything and then bring it to the next generation.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is not a reality for us, because you are literally taking away resources that build future games and improve the engine for the future. ”

Remedy is of course known for releasing Control recently, and thanks to a couple of development hiccups, the studio ended up delaying the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Control, as well as announcing a cloud version of the Lynchian adventure game for Switch Around at the same time.

Puha’s insight suggests that this generation of generational crowds of developers is why new generation titles do not look like many expected them to yet; many resources are still tied up in general development, after all.

“The games that come out, the things we work on, the visual bar, you’ll be blown away. And you just have to look at previous generations. You’re watching something like Modern Warfare. I can not understand how that game looks so good on Xbox One and PS4. And you will have the same thing on this current generation. We will see so much improvement. ”

Here we hope that Remedy’s upcoming game, Vanguard, will live up to these high statements, then. And if we do not see the promised upgrades in these tweets, we may see the results of what is happening right now behind closed doors in one of the other two Remedy games in the works with Epic Games as publisher.

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