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Concept Part 2: How iOS 16 will enhance apps like Photos, Music, Clock, Clock, Calculator and more

Earlier this week, we shared the first part of our iOS 16 concept and explained why we published these ideas so far in advance, especially with the first iOS 15 beta that just dropped. The first piece focused on changes in system components, while this piece focuses on individual apps and links the two together. We looked at a few of Apple’s built-in apps that we think can use a little extra love, as well as ways Apple can follow some of its biggest competitors.

The first part of this concept included updates to widgets on the home screen, a new icon for the App Library on the iPhone, new focus on the lock screen and improvements to AirPlay and Handoff.

Here we will go through what we want to see in apps such as photos, music and maps, as well as tools such as calculator, clock and clock. We also spent some time thinking of innovative ways to build on the work that Apple is doing with Siri.

7;s own Instagram

It is clear that Apple is trying to relocate iOS as a surrounding social platform with many of the changes made in iOS 15. Several of them seem to be targeted at Facebook. This does not even include the privacy changes that undoubtedly affect the way Facebook does business. We’d love to see Apple create a feed in the Photos app that consolidates all the photos, memories, albums and more that your friends and family share with you in real time.

A new “Shared” tab in the middle of the bottom line can show you an Instagram-like real-time stream of all the photos your friends and family share with you. You can even create a profile, similar to the one you have in Messages, directly in Photos. The design of the feed and the albums on profiles can adopt the same new stack style that was introduced in Messages in iOS 15 for a sleek and unique look.

In the profile view, you could see all your friend’s photos, memories, videos, and more organized in a simple, recognizable interface. In the feed you can leave a comment or share that photo with another friend.

Cover flow is triumphant return

We really miss coverflow. More than anything else, the Music app needs a landscape mode. We have not had one in more than five years. With the introduction of the new spatial sound and lossless tracks, Apple wants users to spend more time just enjoying the music. Cover flow was the perfect way to do it during the day.

Apple was able to bring back the classic aircraft design for landscaping last seen in iOS 6 – of course with some flatter, more modern adjustments. The albums can be flanked by a button on each page, with the left side allowing you to switch between cover flow and a simpler grid view, while the right side allows you to sort your albums by recently added, number of games and alphabetically.

When you tap an album, instead of turning in a skeuomorphic way, it may grow and become blurred. The track list is layered right at the top and offers shuffle and play buttons, as well as the context buttons you want to see in an album in portrait mode.

‘Order with Apple’ in Maps + Siri

This is big, and it will require quite a lot of effort from many teams. We want Apple to create a new food ordering API and a new service called “Order with Apple.” You can order food directly in the Maps app, but even better, you can ask Siri to order food for you.

Siri would display menus and have a new bag button to the right of the ball at the bottom of the screen. It can keep track of all the items you want to order, and let you do it there with Apple Pay. This can theoretically work with all shopping services that want to integrate collection or delivery of products.

Calculator gets history

Apple’s built-in calculator has remained almost the same for the past decade. It has been given new coats of paint sometimes, but nothing new from a functional point of view. We’d like to see Apple add a new history feature to your calculator so you can see past equations and results.

At the top left, you will just tap the history icon, and a modal will slide up with tape from your math history. You will be able to see the date and time you did an equation and remove the entire tape from all your previous work.

In addition to the history view, you will be able to see the equation above the larger answer. It will also be a simple undo button for people who have not yet discovered their backs. At the top right, we’d like Apple to add a new share button to make it easy to send replies and equations to friends and family.

Clock gets more timers and a new user interface

The timer in Clock needs more work than anything else in the app. First and foremost, we need more timers on the iPhone, and we need a new user interface for that. In real time, you can see all active timers and stop them on the go. Under the active timers, you can see all the latest timers, just like on the Apple Watch.

In the bottom row, you can save timers you often use in a new “favorite timers” section. With all these changes, you can set and change timers on the go. At the top right you can see a plus button that takes up the old interface of the scroll wheel selector to set a new timer.

See faces + band discovery

The Watch app on the iPhone can use some better dial detection features. It starts with a redesigned face gallery that lets you browse faces by category, color and edition, and lets you see the faces your friends have shared with you. Under the different sorting options, there are curated categories according to use, such as fitness and activity.

You may have noticed a new tab in the bottom line. Just tap the new watch band tab to see all the bands available in the Apple Store. You get to see what’s new first, as well as bands that are made especially for your special finish.

You can also save a list of all the bands you have purchased. The app can also bring them in based on your purchase history in the Apple Store. Apple can also suggest dials that fit well with a particular band in your collection.


This only scratches the surface of some of the changes Apple can make in apps customers often use. You may notice throughout the concept some adjustments I did not mention. You can read the full “release notes” below to see everything from Part 1 and Part 2 of this iOS 16 concept. Let us know what you think and what features you might want to see next year in the comments below.

“Release Notes”

  • Home screen
    • Add more powerful interactive widgets to the Home screen
      • Includes home app and voice memo modules
      • New health widget tracks individual calculations
      • New Wallet widget lets you keep track of your Apple card balance
    • The app library can be added to any home screen
      • Place an App Library icon in the dock
      • Access the app library from any page
  • Focuses
    • Quickly switch between focuses directly from the lock screen
      • Press and slide your finger up and down the list to change focus
      • Do not activate disturb faster with a gesture
    • Background can be changed with focus
      • Set wallpapers to change when you activate a focus
  • Siri
    • Use Handoff and AirPlay with Siri
      • Ask Siri to add content you watch on iPhone to a TV, Mac or speaker
      • Apps that do not support the new API will continue to work with AirPlay mirroring
    • Shop and order food with Siri
      • Ask Siri to order food from a restaurant and it will provide a menu
      • New shopping button saves your orders for later
      • “Order with Apple” integrates with apps like Grubhub and Uber Eats
    • See the history of Siri requests
      • Press the history button to see a list of all your recent Siri questions
      • See stacks of previously used Siri info cards
  • Map
    • Order from participating restaurants and shops
      • Integration with apps like Grubhub and Uber Eats makes it easy to order food and more
      • View menus directly in the Maps app without going online
  • Pictures
    • Share your photos with friends and families in the new feed
      • Post memories, albums, photos, videos and more for friends and family to see
      • View the feed using the new “Shared” tab in the Photos app
      • Comment on photos and share them
      • Tap a profile to see all the photos shared by that person
    • Create a profile and connect with your friends
      • See all shared memories, photos, albums and more
      • Insert a profile picture or use Memoji from Messaging
  • Music
    • Make iPhone landscape mode for new viewing styles
      • Coverflow returns to the iPhone along with a new grid view
      • Sort albums by recently added, alphabetical order and number of plays
      • Works in dark and light modes
  • Sounds like
    • With the new app “Sounds” you can relax with background sounds
      • Games sound like electricity, rain and dark noise
      • Allows you to listen in the background with other content
      • Swipe between sounds on the go
      • Set a bedtime for use at night
      • Store your favorite sounds locally on iPhone
    • Spatial sound comes to background sounds
      • New recordings immerse you elsewhere
      • Head tracking allows sounds to move with you
  • Calculator
    • See your calculation history at a click
      • Press the new history button to see previous calculations
      • See when you made a calculation
      • Clear your calculation history
    • Share numbers quickly with contacts
      • New share button makes it easier than ever to share the result of a calculation
    • Equations are always visible
      • Now you see not only an answer, but also the equation
      • Press quickly to undo a calculation
  • Clock
    • Completely redesigned timer interface
      • Organized by active, recent and favorites
      • See the recently used timers
      • Save frequently used timers to favorites
    • Set several timers at the same time
      • See the status of several timers
      • Choose to stop individual timers
      • Add a new timer by pressing the button at the top right
  • See
    • Completely redesigned face gallery
      • Organized by category, color, edition and divided
      • See faces your friends use and share with you
      • Find faces in collections organized by use
    • New band tab makes it easy to discover new styles
      • See bands designed specifically for your Apple Watch model
      • Shop for new bands in the Apple Store
      • Save a collection of the bands you own
      • Get suggested faces for similar bands
    • Light mode is now activated in Watch
      • When iPhone is in light mode, the app now reflects the correct design

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