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Concept: 50+ ways Apple could enhance the iPhone experience with iOS 15

iOS 14 was a big release for the platform, adding things like widgets, the app library, updates to messages, a redesigned Siri and so much more. It was hailed as an important feature update, so it would only be natural for iOS 15 to be a minor update with a focus on improvements. While brainstorming what made the most sense for an iOS 15 concept, I had to weed out many ideas. I chose to focus on small changes to existing apps and features.

In 2021, Apple’s mobile platform is incredibly polished, but it still lacks some important features. Apple’s improved focus on privacy, changes they made to the home screen last year, and apps like Weather and Shares could use some updates.

iOS 15 seems to be on the horizon, this morning 9to5mac found references to “iOS 1

5.0” in the latest version of Apple’s open-source WebKit framework. While we wait for WWDC 2021 to be announced, let’s talk about what we can see in the next release of iOS.

Home screen

The home screen was a big part of iOS 14, and with iOS 15 it is more than likely that Apple will polish some of the improvements they made. For me, it starts with the ability to resize widgets that are already on the home screen. This is a small but important thing that is missing from the current widget that has been set up. The app library has been integrated into the iPhone experience, but the alphabetical list of apps must be released. I would like to be able to swipe down from any page and access it.

The new page overview was a nice hidden feature in iOS 14. With iOS 15, I would like them to make it even more useful. I would like to be able to rearrange pages on the home screen and remove entire pages of apps. It can even be useful to have a button that adds a new blank page.


App privacy labels are an important component of Apple’s privacy strategy. But they are no help if a user never sees them. If a user has already installed an app and has had it for a long time, they are unlikely to see the privacy labels or data collected.

What if after each software update or app update from the App Store, a new home screen appears with the release notes? It can also offer customers the ability to view privacy labels after each update in case changes are made by the developer. This can apply to both Apple apps and third-party apps. If a developer adds a new label, the user will see it highlighted in the home screen after updating. The labels will only appear automatically once, and there will be a button to display them after each subsequent update.

Face time

Apple has put FaceTime behind the competition, especially among the pandemic that has forced us all to use video calling platforms more and more. With iOS 15, Apple can add the ability to schedule FaceTime conversations with other Apple IDs and associate them with calendar invitations.

Screen sharing is another thing that is missing from FaceTime. You can already share the screen on your Mac using the Messages app, but with FaceTime on iOS, Apple can add a new sharing switch to the control panel. Status bar indicators will tell you if your iPhone is projecting the screen.

Screenshots over FaceTime can be a problem, so Apple may require you to approve screenshots remotely if someone tries to take one.


The stock app is rarely updated, but there has been an explosion of stock interest among the general public with the Gamestop phenomenon. It will be incredibly useful if Stocks can let you enter your actual positions and track value in real time.

Even better, Apple can create a new API so you can connect the stock app with trading services like Robinhood and E * Trade and have your positions automatically added to the app.


Emoji is one of the most popular features on iOS, but it still lacks the ability to store your favorites for easy access. A new favorite tab on the emoji keyboard may be separate from recently used. You can easily tap and hold an emoji and slide your finger over to select the start icon. It would be just as easy to remove a favorite.

A feature of the popular Gboard app is haptic keystroke feedback. Apple may add a new bill of exchange for physical feedback as you type.


Passwords are stuck inside the Settings app at the moment, but they deserve to have their own home and app. The Mac already has its own Keychain Access app, so why not iOS? A new keychain app can let you organize your passwords by category and get quick access to frequently used ones.

Apple can also add a new authentication to the app, so users do not have to download apps like Google Authenticator or Authy. With one touch, you can copy a code or generate a new one. Password AutoFill can even include the code generator, so you do not have to switch apps to generate a code.

Bedside mode

Apple Watch bedside mode can come to iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models with MagSafe. When an iPhone detects that it is connected to a MagSafe charger or stand, it may display a large clock. Below the clock you see the date and any alarms.

If you use an Apple Watch at sleep and it detects that you are awake, it can ask your iPhone to light up the screen so that you do not have to touch it to wake it up.

Bedside mode can serve as the first feature of an always-on screen in the next-generation iPhone and be a foundation on which users can base their understanding of usage issues.


The Weather app has not been redesigned since iOS 7, and with the acquisition of Dark Sky last year, it’s time for it to finally happen. The new design can be modeled after widgets and display more visible data at once. Touching a location expands it to the current full-screen animated view.

The information may be more accurate and taken from Dark Sky instead of Weather Channel. The same amazing weather forecasts that made Dark Sky so useful could also come to the built-in Weather app.


HomePod and HomePod mini are important pillars of Apple’s HomeKit strategy, and the Home app should reflect that. A new HomePod tab can give you access to settings for all HomePods in one nice place. But a new feed called “What’s Happening” can show you all the sound being played on HomePods, as well as things like alarms that are currently set.

You can even see what’s being played on your Apple TVs in the new What’s Happening feed and access the remote directly from there.

Since the HomePod does not have a screen that shows you what you have requested, a new Siri History page can be added to the HomePod settings so that you can see all the requests that have come. Apple would not record audio, and all transcripts will remain local on the HomePod, even if projected to the iPhone.


The animations that appear when you connect a MagSafe accessory to the back of the iPhone 12 are very nice, but they can be cumbersome. A new switch can let you reset them if they stop appearing or disable them completely. You can even see all the details of a connected accessory such as color, release date and more.

There’s so much I’ve considered for iOS 15, so you can check out the release notes below and get all the details. Let us know what you think in the comments below and what other features you might want to see later this year!

“Release Notes”

  • Home screen
    • Swipe down on any page for the App Library
      • See all installed apps in the AZ list
      • Combined Siri suggestions and suggested apps
      • Touch and hold an app to drag it to any page
    • Resize existing widgets
      • Press and hold the pop-up menu, and then tap Resize
      • Choose from all available size classes for that widget
    • Edit pages on the home screen
      • Rearrange pages on the home screen
      • Delete the entire pages and send all the apps to the library
      • Add new pages with one touch
  • Start screenshots
    • Release notes at launch
      • When you start an app post update, you see the release notes
      • You can create custom bullet points with icons in addition to standard release notes
      • Privacy labels are available for users who never see the App Store listing
      • Updates to privacy labels are highlighted for the user after an update of them
      • Works with Apple apps and third-party apps
  • Face time
    • Schedule Facetime Conversations
      • When you create a new calendar entry, you can create a future conversation with invitees
      • Checking for invited Apple IDs before confirming the future call
    • Share the screen on iPhone or iPad
      • Press the new share button to project the screen to a friend
      • Take screenshots of the callers’ devices remotely with their approval
      • Status bar indicator tells you when you split the screen
  • Stock
    • Track your personal positions
      • Enter shares you own manually and track the value in real time
      • New position category separates shares you own from shares you follow
    • Connect to stock trading apps
      • As TV channels, you can connect to apps like Robinhood & E * Trade
      • Automatically adds shares you own
    • News tab
      • The new News tab lets you follow your favorite sources of business news
  • Keyboard
    • Favorite emoji
      • Scroll to the far left of your favorite emoji keyboard
      • Touch and hold an emoji and slide your finger over to star it
      • Touch and hold your favorite emoji and slide your finger over to remove it
    • Haptic cranes
      • Enable haptic feedback for every keystroke on iPhone
  • Keychain App
    • Standalone app
      • Removes passwords from Settings and releases them
      • Organize your passwords by category
      • Get quick access to your frequently used passwords
    • Two-factor authentication
      • Add services you use two-factor codes with to keychain
      • Copy the code quickly with one click, or generate a new one
  • Bedside mode
    • Alarm clock
      • Large clock shows the time when the iPhone detects movement
      • Displays your next alarm
      • Tells you if the iPhone is connected to wifi and how much battery is left
      • Appears only while iPhone is on a MagSafe charger
    • Apple Watch integration
      • The screen will light up if the Apple Watch determines that you are awake in sleep mode
  • Weather
    • Completely redesigned
      • Modern designs show you more information in an instant
      • Tap a place to expand the animations in full screen and see more information
      • Quickly add a place on the Home screen as a widget
      • New app icon reminiscent of Dark Sky
    • Dark Sky integration
      • More detailed precipitation graphs taken from Dark Sky
      • Warnings of impending precipitation
  • Home
    • New HomePod tab
      • View all HomePods at once
      • What happens to playbacks, alarms and more
      • Drag and drop HomePods to create and remove stereo pairs
    • Siri request history
      • Read transcripts of what has been requested by Siri on HomePods
      • The transcripts remain local on the HomePod, but are projected to the iPhone
  • MagSafe accessories
    • New settings panel
      • Enable or disable MagSafe animations when connecting accessories
      • See information about MagSafe accessories
      • Check if accessories are genuine

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