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Command & Conquer remasters can tank rushing their way onto the PC

If you're a big fan of EA's Command & Conquer series, you'll be glad to hear that the company is thinking about reminding the classic realistic strategy games for the PC.

A producer at EA, Jim Vessella, broke the news about Reddit, explaining that a remaster – or perhaps potentially more than one – could come to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the very first Command & Conquer (which takes place in 2020 – yes, the original was published in 1995).

Vessella wrote: "We have explored some exciting ideas about remastering the classic PC games, and already the ball is rolling on our first effort to celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary."

He added: "We are eager to hear your feedback to influence our current thoughts for PC and what will happen next time. Over the next few weeks we will talk to fans in a number of ways. In the meantime, please share your thoughts here on subreddit. "

So there you have ̵

1; an invitation to get involved in shaping exactly how C & C returns to PC.

Rival Faction

This is, as Vessella also notes, at least in part a reaction to EA's recent revival of the franchise with a mobile game – Command & Conquer: Rivals – which did not work well with a large number of hardcore fans who was dissatisfied with the fact that they were & # 39; You will get a real RTS on your PC.

So this is EA's way of doing things right, it works in that regard. And we will certainly not argue for the possibility of restarted C & C games in one form or another.

Together with Doom, the original Command & Conquer was one of the first games we enjoyed four player multiplayer games with over a LAN back in the mid 90's when online games were not an option – the web itself was still in very early days). So it has a loving place in our heart for that reason and without a doubt we are not alone.

One of the first comments on Reddit was a plea for "no microtransactions … that's all I want". And people will no doubt be happy to hear Vessella respond: "We will not add any microtransactions to a C & C Remaster."

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