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Collection of Mint Condition NES games raises $ 30,000 for goodwill

Image: Goodwill

Pristine copies of classic games can always fetch a nice penny – a copy of Super Mario 64 recently broke a world record and sold for an absolutely mindblowing $ 1.56 million USD – but when the money they can generate ends up going to a good cause , everything feels worth it.

As reported by WFMZ-TV, a Goodwill service representative named Nichole Garcia managed to use her knowledge of Nintendo games to host a record-breaking auction on the organization’s website. Garcia trained in picking out items that can sell well online, and discovered a “brand new Nintendo system”

;, along with 27 NES games still in the original packaging.

The console ended up selling for $ 650, and after some consultations with his knowledgeable brother-in-law, Garcia also auctioned off the games. With a bid of only $ 9.99, the auction finally reached a final figure of $ 30,002.

The proceeds from the sale will support Goodwill’s initiatives; the non-profit organization uses the funding to provide job training, programs and employment services for those struggling with disabilities or other barriers that prevent them from getting a job.

On its website, the organization states: “Goodwill serves those with barriers to employment. This includes people with disabilities, people with a limited work history, those who have experienced downsizing and recipients of public support programs. Goodwill’s services are designed to meet training and individual placement needs. . “

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