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Collect, raise and exploit monsters in Palworld

Pocketpair Games, the developer of Craftopia, has announced a new game that is under development: Palworld. It is billed as a “next generation game for open survival”.

Pocketpair also included a promotional trailer with the announcement.

The Palworld the trailer shows players who move through a colorful fantasy world and interact with the endemic “Pal” creatures. Pals can perform a variety of roles in the service of players. These include building a house, growing crops and charging a power grid. Players can also become friends, raise and breed friends. In one scene, a player even goes electrofishing by throwing an electrical element Pal into the water to shock the fish.

Pals also work in Palworld combat system, which seems to take signals from Fortnite– as a third-person shooter. Players use a variety of firearms to take on threats, but the comrades change the dynamics. They can be run in combat as mounts, and a player also shoots at enemies while hanging from the leg of a flying comrade. Pals can be used to attack enemies and defend against enemy fire. In the trailer, a player uses a soft Pal as a shield against shots and hides behind a larger Pal. Pals also appear on an assembly line that puts together realistic-looking weapons.

The Palworld The Steam store page describes the game as living a “slow life with mysterious creatures” and “life-or-death battles with poachers.” Multiplayer is also an option, with collaborative and competitive game modes.

Palworld is in development for PC. It is scheduled for release in 2022. Pocketpair’s other games, Craftopia, is immediately available on Steam Early Access and is scheduled for full release in 2021. Another game about interacting with monsters, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, is set for release in November 2021.

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