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Clubhouse says that the launch of Android will take a couple of months – TechCrunch

The social audio app Clubhouse has now promised a kind of time frame for the launch of the expected Android version, after it was recently hired by an Android software developer last month. In his weekly Townhall event on Sunday, Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison noted that the company worked “very hard” to get to Android, but said it will take a couple of months to get it done. This seems to indicate a time frame that is closer to late spring or summer 2021.

Clubhouse had previously said at the end of the January blog post that it would start working on its Android version “soon”, but had not yet promised any kind of time frame for when it would be able to bring that version to the public. Instead, most of the statements about Android have been vague about the importance of supporting the Android user base and making the app more accessible to a wider audience.

Meanwhile, Clubhouse̵

7;s biggest rival, Twitter Spaces, has taken advantage of Clubhouse’s delay to address the large Android user base by quickly rolling out support to more people across platforms. This month, for example, Twitter Spaces opened for Android users, so everyone on Android could join in and talk in their live sound rooms. Shortly afterwards, Twitter said it plans to launch Twitter Spaces publicly in April. It would be far ahead of the clubhouse, unless the latter quickly accelerates development and releases its invitation status in the weeks ahead.

During Sunday’s clubhouse town hall, co-founder Davison explained the company’s approach to scaling to a larger market – as one in which Android users participate – as an attempt that requires a slower pace when it comes to opening access to more users. He noted that as the Clubhouse grows, the discovery experience in the app can be negatively impacted as a result. Users today, for example, see more foreign language groups in their feeds, and have a harder time finding friends and some of the best content, he said.

To address these challenges, Clubhouse plans to make several changes, including adjustments to the app’s activity flow, tools to give users more control over push notifications, and the launch of more personalization features – such as showing users a personalized list of suggested rooms displayed on screen when you first open the app. This type of improvement is necessary to make Clubhouse a success, as the company scales the app to a larger user base, the company believes.

That said, Davison also talked about releasing Clubhouse’s sole invitation status as something they hope to do “in the coming months.” He noted that he wants the app to be open to everyone, because there are “so many incredible creators who are not yet at the clubhouse, who have an audience elsewhere.”

“It’s going to be very important that we just open up to everyone,” Davison said. “Android is going to be very important. Location will obviously be very important. “In addition, it was important to make Clubhouse more accessible,” he said.

The lack of an Android version of Clubhouse has already caused some complications for the company.

A number of Android app developers have taken advantage of the hole left in the market to hawk their “Clubhouse guides”, which are deliberately aimed at confusing Android users looking for Clubhouse by using the same app icon. (Google does not seem to care about weeding out small and / or offensive content like this from the Play Store.)

More recently, cybercriminals have also entered the action. They have created fake versions of Clubhouse that even pointed to a well-executed copy of the Clubhouse website to trick users into downloading their malicious app. One of these apps has been found to spread BlackRock malware, which steals users’ login information for over 450 services, including Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.

Davison raised this issue under City Hall, warning users that if they see someone trying to impersonate Clubhouse on Android, do not use that app because “it could be harmful.”

“It is certainly not the real clubhouse. Same with PC. There is no PC app for Clubhouse, ”he said, adding that a desktop version of Clubhouse is not a high priority for the company.

The company also made a number of other announcements, and the most notable is the plans for more creative tools. These will be focused on helping creators expand their own audience for their shows, and even monetize their events, if they choose, through things like direct payments, subscriptions, brand sponsorship and even “paid events”. . ” Clubhouse will also offer tools to manage membership and track listener and storage metrics, but in general the details were easy on what specific tools would be available or when they would be launched.

Clubhouse has not responded to a request for further comment on the statements made during the Townhall event.

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