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Chrome’s Dino Run game gets Easter eggs at the Olympics in Tokyo

With the 2020 Summer Olympics set to begin in Tokyo this Friday, Google is taking some of the best games home to you by adding new modes to Chrome’s classic Dino Run game.

If you’ve ever been offline and trying to visit a Chrome site, you’ll see a T-rex on the page telling you you’m offline. By pressing the space bar, it jumps and activates the Dino Run mini-game. Normally this game works as a way to kill time until the internet works again, but you can also play it at any time by typing chrome: // dino in the address bar.

However, as discovered this week by Mr_Kris_ on Reddit, the Chrome Dino game has received a major tweak. The usually monochrome game now has Olympic torches in color among the usual cactus obstacles. If you collect one of these torches instead of skipping it, your Dino Run game will leave the desert and the cacti and be re-skinned into something resembling one of the Olympic Games.

For example, a reskin T-rex sees riding on surfboards along the coast and jumping over dangerous waves. In a variant with a gymnastics theme, T-rex takes a jersey and has to elegantly jump over pommel horses. Simply the most humorous new version of Chrome Dino Run is based on the Summer Olympics equestrian events, resulting in the T-rex riding a horse and jumping over fences. To play another variant, you must refresh the page and collect the torch again.

Once you hit an obstacle and failed (award you a gold medal), the regular “Game Over” screen will periodically flash another message, “Over た プ レ イ て ね”, which roughly translates to “Play Again. ” The use of Japanese is clearly a tribute to the fact that this year’s Olympics were held in Tokyo.

As a fun side description for those who care about high scores, each of the Olympic twists on Chrome Dino Run has only the obstacles you need to jump over. These are not the usual challenges you need to dive into or delay two jumps in a row. While certainly less interesting than the Dino Run game, these versions make it easy to get a high score to “impress” your friends.

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