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Chrome OS is fixing my biggest grip if “Tote” holds up

Chrome OS 89 rolled out a few weeks ago with a treasure trove of new features that focus heavily on productivity. One of these features is designed to give users quick access to downloaded files and screenshots. Once known as the “stop”, “Tote” is a simple yet powerful addition to the Chrome OS shelf, which is guaranteed to improve the workflow of Chromebook users who do graphic design or frequently manage files downloaded from the web. When you click on Tote (on the shelf to the left of the Phone Hub icon) you will see recently downloaded files and screenshots. Users can attach files to the top if they need fast access and do not want specific files to be pushed out of the queue.

As innovative as Tote is, it has a sharp shortcoming. When the feature first appeared in Chrome OS Canary, I honestly thought it was just an oversight, or maybe this feature was not added. I’m talking about the ability to remove files from the hold … I mean Tote. In the stable channel, the only way to remove a file from Tote is to download multiple files and push the previous ones out of the way. There are no detailed controls at all, and I do not like that at all. If you grab a lot of files and screenshots, you may need some of them to hold on to Tote. Because you can always attach them, but you do not have the ability to remove files completely.


Fortunately, the Chrome OS team has acknowledged this omission, and the latest update to the Canary Channel provides a small, albeit drastic, change in Tote. Now, when you right-click on a file in Tote, you get the option to remove it, and it certainly did my day. I know. It sounds elementary, but this is the behavior most users expect from a “stop” that contains shortcuts to files. This adds’removefunctionality to the list of tools that already included the ability to copy an image, view the parent folder and attach files to the top of the fabric. This only appeared in Chrome OS Canary 91, so I do not know how fast it will roll up to Stable. That said, it’s a minor adjustment. The Chrome OS team is likely to push it up the ladder in a step-by-step update as soon as they are sure it is stable and ready.

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