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Christmas Countdown: Best Deals on Nintendo Switch, Fire TV Stick, Xbox One, iPad and more!

  Walmart 20-Day Deal-Day-12

Walmart, among other stores, counts down the days of the holiday, with new sales items every day.


OK, shoppers, it's officially a week for Christmas – meaning you only have six days to complete your vacation. Have no fear: I have rounded some of the best deals from the store's holiday sales. And whose statement is your enemy, no worries: I have also collected six last minute gifts you can print or email .

But for now there is still time to shop. We are approaching the end of Best Buys 20-day bybusters and Walmart's 20-day offer, and there are still great deals from Dell, Target, Amazon and other stores.

Here are the latest and best selections, followed by store

UE Boom 2 Limited Edition Wireless Speaker: $ 64 (save $ 136)

Sarah Tew / CNET

UE Boom 2 is an old but Godi. (It's shown in blue, but it's the black limited edition for sale.) It's waterproof and features a 15-hour battery, 360 degree audio and other great features. It is only available today at this price. In recent weeks, it has been selling at around $ 80, and was actually as high as $ 200 before that.

Look at Amazon

UE Boom 2 review

Amazon Echo Dot (Second Generation): $ 20 (save $ 20)

Taylor Martin / CNET

Yep, last year's dot is still one of the best deals in the year – as it has been before Black Friday. This may be your last chance to make one up to this award because in the new year, Amazon will undoubtedly focus its attention on the third genre model.

Look at Amazon

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Xbox One S Battlefield V Console with Gears of War 4: $ 200 (save $ 100)

Although Walmart still offers a variety of Xbox One S packages (see below), Dell raised the first day with this , which includes not only the venerable battlefield V, but also a digital copy of Gears of Wars 4.

See at Dell

Xbox One S review

Nintendo Switch with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: $ 299 (save $ 30)


Walmart's Other Switch Bundle (see below) gives you a console, a Labo set and a wired controller. If you prefer to start your Switch adventure with a game, it's popular with no extra charge. It is currently out of stock, but the price has not changed, so you may want to sign up for notice in stock. Who knows, you can be lucky!

Look at Walmart

24 best change game

Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch: $ 45 (save $ 26)


A game Jeff Bakalar called "a damn masterpiece" (see rating), Super Mario Odyssey is $ 45 on Walmart, yet less on MassGenie. Just be sure to click the Power Deal button. Deal ends today!

Watch MassGenie

Super Mario Odyssey Review

Scepter 32-inch HD LED TV: $ 90 (save $ 90)


Although it was $ 10 less yesterday, this is still a pretty great deal. Scepter's 32-incher has a 4.5-star average of almost 3000 buyers, suggesting that the 720p resolution is perfect for a screen of this size. You must BYO "smarts" if you want apps like Netflix, but scroll down and you can scan an Amazon Fire TV Stick for only $ 25. Amazing deal.

Look at Walmart

Amazon Fire TV Stick: $ 25 (save $ 15)

Sarah Tew / CNET

It was $ 5 less on Black Friday, but $ 25 for Amazon's Alexa-enabled streaming stick is still a pretty great deal. But today it appears "in stock 25 December", so obviously it will not be delivered on time for Christmas.

Look at Amazon

Four TV Stick Review

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet: $ 50 (save $ 30)

Sarah Tew / CNET

After a long stretch selling for $ 60, the four HD 8 is now the same price as Amazon & # 39; s entry-level tablet, The Fire 7. But the HD 8 provides bigger, better screen and faster performance.

Look at Amazon

Four HD 8 review

iPad 2018 with 9.7-inch screen is $ 250 on Target ($ 80)

Sarah Tew / CNET

Apple's non-Pro iPad does everything most want: browsing, Netflix streaming and games from the App Store. Target has discounted 32GB and 128GB versions of the tablet with $ 80, making them $ 250 and $ 350.

Watch Target

Apple iPad review

Google Pixel 3, 3 XL Get Their Black Friday Prices Back

Sarah Tew / CNET

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are discounted with $ 100 and $ 150, respectively, at Google's store, which provides both high- than phones back to their Friday weekend weekend rates – $ 699 for 3 and $ 749 for 3 XL. They will remain at these prices until 22 December. Not bad for "the best Android phone until 2018."

Look at Google

Google Pixel 3 review
[19659000] Best Buy continues to offer about half a dozen doorbusters, with two standouts today:

Insignia 5.5-liter Digital Air Freezer: $ 50 (save $ 70)

Best Buy

Actually, this model usually sells. for $ 80 (with sporadic fluctuations in both directions), but $ 50 is actually the lowest price per day – and an extremely good deal for an air fryer of this capacity.

Look at Best Buy

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Though Honey Requests To Different to Best Buy Previously Sold This TV For 550 Dollars, It Is Not a question that a 58-inch Roku is a pretty sweet deal of $ 350. The TCL Series 4 model is priced the same, but for a 55-inch display.

Look at Best Buy

Game Time! Walmart still offers a $ 10 e-gift card with purchases of various popular party games including exploding kittens, shortness of humanity and unstable unicorns.

In the meantime, you can still get a solid Nintendo Switch package and big discounts on Samsung UHD TVs and Xbox One bunts. Nintendo Switch, Labo and Controller Bundle: $ 340 (save $ 49)


It's hard to find any kind of Switch deal, so Walmart is worth a look. In addition to the console itself, you get the choice of three Labo sets and an Ematic cable controller.

Look at Walmart

Nintendo Labo Review

Samsung UHD TVs for up to $ 400 by

Walmart still offers up to $ 400 of a variety of UHD TVs ranging from $ 400 to $ 1,400, depending on the model. The highest-end TVs seem to be offered with an even greater $ 1000, which may be useful if you're looking for a curved TV or just a Samsung set with a 55-inch display.

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