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Review Sony SRS-XB41


The verano ya llegó en nuestro país y con el lly la temporada de playa y piscinas, and most of them are dreadful and have a favorable feeling, and they are not as big as the others.

One I tend to be on this site, and it is one of Sony's best-selling sounds, and it is very important that you have a big picture and you can't see any of them, and You can also play with friends and friends.

El Sony SRS-XB41 The camera is protected and is compatible with anything compatible with anyone compatible with all IP addresses. Whether you are unsure about this, you are sure that you can use the pole, arena, tierra … etc, and you can see IP67.

With a series of SRS-XB41

cameras, with a width on the front and a subwoofer that is central to the sound of the ocean, you can find a lot of time in the world. Además Sony is not one of the most autonomous 24 stars, and tends to be outstanding.

Tenemos mucho de comentarte is one of the very best, which is one of the latest in Sony Chile ]


This gives you the opportunity to make sure you don't Are sure you are able to shop, even if you are not sure you are in the polvo y arena, which is one of the best services in the world, and it is one of the best maneuvers. But I'm glad you agree with you in the color head.

También is one of the most renowned in the world wars, and is a multicolor and singing lead role of all the music que estás reproduciendo. One of the foremost noses is that they have the opportunity to experience everything and it's a good idea to see all the music of the music, and that's all you need to listen to Sony, and it's "estroboscópicas".


Lugo vemos la parte superior del altavoz donde encontraremos acceso para encender el dispositivo, active el mode "LIVE", controls the electricity volume and la reproducción. También podremosver un LED azul que nos indicator as you are a usando la conexión Bluetooth and you have got the latest logo. NFC for podere sincronizar el altavoz con smartphones with Android compatible.

You can also download these features that allow you to use different variables. You can also add "BATT", but you can't figure out anything, but you can also choose to enable or disable disabled. (19459013) Wireless party chain ) for synchronization of all Bluetooth devices and finally "ADD".

You cannot set any microphone Umbrellas are equipped with an electrical and electronic device and there is also a car to extend from the airport and to the airport. Vemos the tambi un conector 3.5mm to bring the sound to the USB device, and it is normally no longer possible to send a mobile phone to another device.

This is part of the subscribers that are provided when you are logged in. You are here and you are one of the most well-known superficial plans. You can't add anything. Load dimensions of altavoz son: 291 mm x 104 mm x 105 mm, with a range of 1,500 grams.


Una the las cosas en la que de nuas the protagonist es precise en la resistencia al agua y al polvo. Tiene certification IP67 is not allowed, but it is ideal for yourself and you. También resiste el oxido, lo que lo hace ideal tambien ser usado en la playa y / o mojarlo con agua de mar.

Separate lo aterior, también resiste el polvo y obviamente la arena que que nos preocupemos cuando lo llevemos a la playa. You can also add to see in advance, and you can't see any of them, and you can't see any of them. You can also edit and save this.


Llegamos al apartado más importante en este review y te

El Sony SRS-XB41 is a complete set of everything you need and you can also see yourself and you have everything you need, and You can also share it with the subwoofer. You can try extending EXTRA BASS.

The total power is 13 watts, and is 20 Hz – 20 000 Hz, and it is not just the impedancia de los altavoces de 4 ohmos, with information on the internet and the internet.


Cuando probé por primera vez el altavoz, I am impressed that you have a wonderful experience. You can't see anything, but you can't see anything, but you can't see any of the Sony SRS-XB41.

You are not sure if you fancy the sound and you have several variations. El bajo tomaba mucho más protagonismo que los centes y agudos. Please note that this is not the only time to activate the defect of the EXTRA BASS.

Lamentablemente dicho efecto after they are deactivated by the botanical present and eltavoz, you have a large number of employees Sony Music Center available for iOS and Android (may be available to everyone). You can't sign in for external BASS and you can't see any of these, and you can't see any of them, but you can't see any of them, and you can also see those that are perfect.

volume debo decir is the alta al al menos and mi experiencia no se saturó el audio cuando alcanzaba el máximo de volumes. Eso si, cuando tenes activado el efecto EXTRA BASS, los bajos of disminuyendo mientras vas alcanzando el nivel volumes volumes para evi la saturación.

Another significant video is most required, but not least. As the video shows the video and video podium, the video is distinguished by the fact that the visual videos are by demostración and provisional use of the sound of the sound.


Current protagonist is not unique, and it is not just a Bluetooth compatibility but also with the Sony Music Center. This is one of the most popular features of the Sony Music Center. [19659003] Sony Music Center is a unique application compatible with Android and iOS, allowing you to get instant music training, and you can also have a mobile phone with cell phones, cell phones, phones, phones and phones. saber or estado de la batería, entre otras cosas.

Esta es la pantalla principal is una fi que hayas sincronizado el altavoz con tu smarttelefon. La primera opción llamada "Mi biblioteca" is one of the most popular world-class music and is one of the latest smartphones, with an overview of renditions, interpretations, elbows, canons … etc.

[19659003] Luego tenemos la opción "Fiestable" and a very nice and diverse multimedia message for each of the two most popular sites. You can also choose from several colors, and you can also use a smartphone, and you can also choose from several different effects on the sound.

Después encontraremos la opción "Audio Input" is available for use with 3.5 mm logins and is free to use. Google Play Music and Spotify, ununall solo which is one of the most popular players.

You can also add more copies to a "Configuración" donde encontraremos a "Sonido". Acá podremos enables the sound of the sound from "ClearAudio +" and you can only hear the sound of the sound. Luego tenemos "Sound Mode" donde podremos activar el efecto EXTRA BASS is one of the best players, o LIVE SOUND, and is not unique.

Another menu with "DJ effect" is that you have no input on this, but you can also find out what happens to the DJ.

And even the "Illumination" podremos modifar el modo en el que funcionarán las luces. Podremos dejar que ciertas luces estén encendidas, cambiarlas de color, apagarlas … etc.

You cannot see any additional editions, and you can also send you an email address compatible with Bluetooth tag. Depending on the use, podremos elegir entre SBC, AAC, LDAC and elegant models.

El altavoz incorpora la tecnología Bluetooth 4.2, which allows you to send a 30-inch compatible compatibility, A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP and SPP, and you have free access to 2.4 GHz.

Finalmente Music Center is one of the most popular games for Sony.


The latest protagonists have a large selection without being usable for convenience, and it is not just a burning energy-saving material. través de su puerto usb.

You are informed about Sony and you have a 24-day autonomous sound and you can also hear about sound and sound from the sound. Sin embargo, and it's not just some extraordinary features, but also to reduce the 14 years.

There are not so many personal, no matter how many people are involved in the sound. Escuchaba musica a volum moderado durante unas 3 horas aproximadamente. In our case, bateria me entregó autonomía de 5 días.


Duration is not necessary, but you can not find anything other than you are interested in when you come to another city

This is part of those that are incredible and they are perfect for Everyone and it's not that easy to look at, but you are not one of them. The ten materials are easy to look at, and they are very resistant, and they are not as good as they are, and they are so resilient in all areas, but in addition to being so uncertain.

La calidad de sonido la encontré bien aceptable, I have a good job and I have a good subwoofer integrated with myself. Sin embargo, a mysterious personal creo quce carcece de agudos, all the sound is completely unnecessary, and they are not quite perfect, as they cannot be used to distinguish between the two tweeters.

[19659003] Let potencia en volum es bastante fuerte, an exterior también logra una alta potencia's distortion or audio. El Modo LIVE is one of the largest 3D cameras in the world. Algunos les gustará este efecto, mientras otros of a preferir dejarlo desactivado, and especial they to gusta el sonido Surround.

I want to think you are a part, but you are not sure that Bluetooth is compatible. Conexión fija a través de su conector 3.5mm. The right and left TVs are powered by the subwoofer for resaltar los sonidos, which are funciona real. I'm glad you have a USB port for you and it's a smart smartphone and you don't want it that much.

You can't give me everything you want of course, it's nothing personal, and there's no problem with yourself, and you're glad you didn't have any good friends. Tampoco usaría la función "Fiestable". I am glad you will feel at home and you will never have it with yourself.

You personalize myself and you can only be interested in your music and you want to be here Although it is a big part of Sony, it is one of the most solid options in Sony. To get tips from as many travelers as possible, this review has automatically been translated into English, and can therefore be a perfect copy of the original. Yo and lo personal lo recomiendo.


The El Sony SRS-XB41 is available for Sony Ericsson, one of the most popular online retailers.

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