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Check your smart home, video chat family and more with up to $ 65 of Amazon's Echo Spot and Show

Amazon's echo hardware continues to become more and more popular, and last year Amazon began to offer Alexa-enabled devices with screens on them. The first generic Echo Show was nothing to write home about, but Amazon learned from its mistakes and came back swinging. The echo spot has a smaller industrial large-scale appearance, and instead looks like it's designed to fit in. Now you can pick one up for just $ 99.99, which is $ 30 less than it usually sells for. If you're looking for something with a bigger screen, the second generation Echo Show is also on sale for $ 1

79.99 and comes with a free smart bulb. This is a discount of $ 65. These price drops put on or around the lowest they've ever sold.

Thanks to recent updates, these Echo devices with monitors now allow you to communicate with people at your front door from Call Video Doorbell, or see what kids are keen to use Amazon Cloud Cam. In addition, you can make video calls using built-in cameras, listen to music, hear the news, manage your other smart home devices (like plugs and lights), and so much more. These devices provide great vacation gifts to just about everyone. From the easy to let the children video chat with their grandparents across the country to set up routines to automate your life a little.

In addition to the price falling on the hardware by itself, Amazon also has some other bundles worth considering. You can add a Wyze Smart Cam to Echo Spot for only $ 5, making it only $ 104.99 for the pair, or a TP-Link Smart Plug Mini for $ 10, giving the total to $ 109.99. As for the Echo Show, you can also add a $ 5 Wyze Smart Cam to bring the purchase price to $ 184.99, or combine it with a Ring Video Doorbell Pro for $ 428.99.

If you get echoes for someone this holiday, do it one with a screen.

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