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Change your 2019 Ford Ranger oil? You better take off the left left wheel then.

The new Ranger is an explosion, but maintenance on it will probably not be.


Changing your own oil is one of the easiest and most accessible pieces of maintenance you can do for your vehicle – unless for some reason the manufacturer decides to make the process a pain in the buttocks.

Unfortunately, according to a report published Thursday by The Truth About Cars, Ford made the new Ranger oil filter almost impossible to come on without removing one of the car's wheels. If this seems like a stupid thing to do, keep in mind that the 2.3 liter EcoBoost found in Ranger is a little different to that found in other applications.

Specifically, Ranger means enlarged oil cooler that it is not There is no room for the filter to live down at the oil pan anymore, and instead it was moved up and into the side of the engine block, which protrudes at a right angle. By removing it, you need to remove the left front wheel and loosen nine clamps to remove an access panel in the wheel well.

But things don't stop there. To get to the oil drain plug, there is another panel in the vehicle's sub-drawer which has four fasteners that must be removed. Given that accessing a drain plug through an access panel in a subwoofer is not so strange on a modern vehicle, but when added to the rest of the rigamarole, it's just annoying.

This type of drawback is clearly evident. is not the end of the world, but in a segment that already gets quite crowded very fast, it will be enough of an irritation on off-road forums to push someone away from Ranger and against Chevy Colorado or Toyota Tacoma ?

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