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CEMI) Today’s best stock?

Chembio Diagnostics is a biotechnology company based in Hauppauge, New York, which develops powerful diagnostic tools for medical applications worldwide. The company has a global network of offices to ensure that it can serve global customers, both from Germany and Brazil.

Chembio Diagnostics (NASDAQ: CEMI)

This time last year, CEMI traded at about the same price. It has seen a few spikes during that time related to news about the research, and it is currently recovering from a sale earlier this year.

Why is CEMI moving?

CEMI shares are currently on the move after Brazil ordered $ 28 million in COVID tests from the company. The rapid test was confirmed to be commercially viable in the spring, and this massive order increased investor confidence. Because COVID-1

9 cases are increasing in certain parts of the world, multiple test orders may occur at any one time.

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Data for Chembio Diagnostics from July 21, 2021

Summary of Chembio Diagnostics from July 21, 2021:

Important dates for Chembio Diagnostics:

Technical data for Chembio Diagnostics from 21 July 2021:

  • RSI: ⮕ 67.7824

  • MACD: Signal Line (-0.5347) Under MACD (-0.1691) ⮕ Bearish

  • Bollinger Bands: Price ($ 4.0), 20-Day SMA ($ 3.2983), Lower Band ($ 2.0137), Upper Band ($ 5.0769) øy Neutral

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