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Call of Duty Online is turned off

Tencent has announced it Call of Duty Online closes at the end of August. The company announced the announcement on the game’s official website, and was translated by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter. Call of Duty Online has been in existence since 2015, and is exclusive to the Chinese market. Apparently Activision chose not to renew the game, and players will instead be encouraged to check out Call of Duty: mobile. In an effort to encourage players to switch, Activision will reward Call of Duty Online players with objects in Call of Duty: mobile.

Tweet from Ahmad can be found embedded below.

Call of Duty Online is remarkable in that it was the first free game in the series. Activision was looking for a way to introduce the series to players in China, and the game seems to have served that purpose in recent years. Call of Duty: mobile was introduced in the region late last year, which probably did Duty calls Onlineis death inevitable.

From a brand point of view, it makes sense for Activision to fold Call of Duty Online. While some players will be disappointed, live service games only last so long, and Call of Duty Online has had a very impressive race in China. It remains to be seen whether players will jump in or not Call of Duty: mobile, but the incentives can help in that regard. Earlier this month, Activision revealed it Mobile has seen 500 million downloads worldwide. With Activision and Tencent putting more pressure on the game in China, that fan base could grow even bigger!

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