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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout: What Battle Royale First-Timers Need To Know Before You Start

Battle royale stil spill took off in popularity last year thanks to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and reached new heights with Fortnite. Now the Call of Duty franchise has hoped for pigs with Black Ops 4's new Blackout mode. If you have not experienced battle royale for yourself, but plan to jump into Black Ops 4, this is for you. We run through some of the basics of mode and cover how Call of Duty puts its own spin on it.

Battle Royale 101

First of all, you can enter matches either as a lonely wolf (solo), with a partner (duos), or a team of four (quads); You will be matched with up to 100 players who choose the same group size. Each player is flown over the map in the same path ̵

1; visualized when you draw the map – and it is up to you when and where to drop. When you leave the helicopter, you can use your purse and you can slide horizontally to go further or look straight to release faster.

The overall goal is to be the last player or team ever since everyone has one life, making match meetings much more exciting and risky compared to traditional Call of Duty multiplayer. Now more than ever, you should be aware of your surroundings; It or a teammate looks at your back. Also, be aware that you can revive squaders if they fall, but be sure to do it before they bleed or take more damage from enemies.

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Black Ops 4 Blackout Perfectly matched between Fortnite and PUBG

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Another basic ingredient in combat royale is the imminent pressure of a deadly circle that hits the battlefield. Each match has the circle contract on a random area of ​​the map, and it will be less as the game continues to force remaining players to battle. If you get caught outside the circle, you'll hurt before you get into a safe zone.

A big map to cross

Blackout's map is much larger than any previous Call of Duty map since it has to accommodate 100 players. But with the size of the map, it also induces a lower pace; so expect a lot of downtime between meetings. This pace change can take a while for Call of Duty veterans to adapt, but it also comes into battle's high bets in battle royal games since a small mistake can cost you a whole battle.

There are 14 concentrated areas in the Blackout map, many of which greet on former Black Ops maps. For example, Nuketown Island, Estate and Array will look and feel like the multiplayer charts they are named for. Between these capitals there are scattered smaller cities and groups of buildings that can have a valuable race. But large forestry and open fields make up most of the terrain, so be aware when crossing places where burns can break out at any time.

  The full map in Blackout mode.
The full map in Blackout mode.

Fortunately, vehicles collide the map. An ATV does not provide much protection, but it can get up to two players around from point A to point B quite quickly. The truck fits up to five players and does not leave the squad as vulnerable, but it moves quite slowly. Getting through the river that divides the middle of the map is simply with a zodiac that holds up to four players. And unlike most combat royales, Blackout offers air transport via the helicopter which has five seats in total. It's not the only way to fly travel, though; You can distribute your handbag by spraying and jumping off a building and holding the bouncing button.

Loot Your Loadout

You start every game without anything in your inventory and must pick all your equipment – a strong contrast to Call of Plik's tradition to let players adjust their loads. You are allowed to wear two weapons and have to scavenge for the correct ammo type for each as well. The following is a list of all weapons available to rob in Blackout:

Attachments are essential to make the most of your weapons. A reflective view or 4x magnitude clicks to nail accurate shot with ADS, and a grip or layer will help control your recoil, but you need to scavenge for these items and get them on your gun. Zombie weapons add a twist to fight, something that can be found in zombie supply stashes after killing AI-controlled zombie hordes in certain places in the map like asylum. Even the sweeter items find their way into Blackout, like Ray Gun, Monkey Bomb, Acid Bomb and RC Car (even though it does not explode). Watch out for blue beacons that shine in the sky as this indicates stash places where you can get your hands on these rare objects.

  Stock management in Blackout mode.
Stock control in Blackout mode.

You will also have to loot armor in Blackout; There are three levels, each giving better protection (level 3 armor is the only one that will protect against head shots). Backpacks open five additional product traces, which will be useful later in a battle as you loot more useful equipment. And it goes without saying that it is also important to add health items. First aid and kits heal 25 and 50 health respectively. Trauma set will heal you and thank you for another 50 health temporarily.

Look for supply boxes that happen to fall on the map during the game; You are likely to find highs, but create a hotspot to prey enemies.

The Perks of Call of Duty

In another interesting twist, Blackout on Battle Royale also brings the famous Perks system, which acts as consumables across the map. Each benefit has a specific effect, usage limit and duration. While some may be more useful than others, it's important to know what your equipped advantage makes, as it can make the difference between life and death, especially in their most effective situations. The following is a perk list and what they do:

Black Ops 3 introduced specialists, unique characters that gave a variety of ways to play the game with their own qualities and abilities – like an actor. While you can choose to play as a specialist in Blackout, the equipment once associated with them now contains items found in the field. These abilities – such as shaving boards, network mines and grip hooks – are hard to find, but they can give you a significant advantage when used in the right situation.


These are basic when it comes to playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4s Blackout mode. The battle of royal veterans can know how the rules work, but the equipment system and the map are still things that need to be experimented with and explored by themselves. The most important thing to do is to play more and more games to get a feel of how Call of Duty takes on combat royal flows. And now that you know what you're coming in, take the next step and check out the Blackout beginner's guide.

For a more comparative look, see how Blackout, Fortnite and PUBG differ from one another. We have spent a lot of time with the game and work to make a judgment on it, but check out our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 early review impression in the meanwhile.

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