C by GE is already making white, dimmable smart lights designed specifically for working with Google Home – it's yet another starter Mini with the Home Mini – but now the company is adding a full-color LED to the series, along with some extra Smart products.

Million colors will be available to choose from with the new bulbs, controllable with Google Assistant without the need for additional hardware, such as a hub. Other New Made for Google products introduced by GE include an LED strip of light, a wall switch that can turn your stupid lights smart, a smart plug, and a motion sensor.

All the new goodies will be shown at CES 201

9 in Las Vegas next week. C of GE equipment is also compatible with Amazon's Alexa and Apple's HomeKit, in case you were wondering. They also use a Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh technology to talk to each other, which is neat. The lights will apparently cost between $ 40 and $ 75 and the smart plug will be $ 25, but we don't know the switch or motion sensor prices yet.