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Breath of the Wild Streamer Complets the “Snake Challenge” Playthrough


; Breath of the Wild Streamer Complets the “Snake Challenge” gameplay

Whether it’s putting on Calamity Gannon as soon as possible or beating the game with just Gerudo Gear, Breath of the Wild players have imposed some pretty crazy restrictions on themselves to make the game feel even more challenging. All of this pales in comparison to the fact that streamer EverEverest was only able to achieve, though, they completed the game while also playing Snake.

For the younger viewers, Snake is an old mobile game where you try to collect as many dots as physically on the screen without crossing over yourself. EverEverest decided they wanted to give this a shot while playing Breath of the Wild, and stated back in October 2020 that they wanted to use the heroes’ course mode to never cross their own path.

Although this task may sound impossible, the streamer only revealed that they achieved the monumental feat eight months and six starts again later. You can see the exact path that was taken thanks to the map mode in Breath of the Wild that shows where you went right below.

Breath of the Wild

Anyone interested in watching the entire race can actually head over to Everest’s YouTube channel. It consists of over two dozen episodes of the run, which show all their thoughts, strategies and mistakes on the run.

What do you think of the run? Did you ever think it was possible? Do you want to give it a shot? Let us know in the comments section below.

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