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Breath of the Wild Player Beats Game While doing a ridiculous challenge

A streamer succeeds in completing a personal challenge for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one that took them eight months to achieve.

The degree of freedom offered in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild not only allows players to create their own unique journeys through Hyrule, but it is also well suited to all kinds of challenges for players to come up with and try to achieve. Apart from the usual speed races to see who can reach and defeat Calamity Ganon the fastest, there have even been speed races to bake bread as quickly as possible. However, one player did not try to complete the game quickly and presented himself with a far more unique and incredibly scary challenge.

Back in October 2020, streamer everest gave itself the task of removing Breath of the Wild without even crossing their path. As the very best puts it, they mainly played classic mobile games Hose, which has the same goal. Normally such an achievement would be almost impossible to track, but the game offers a map mode called Hero̵

7;s Path, which keeps track of Links’ entire journey from start to finish.

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Given how big Hyrule in Breath of the Wild is, one would be forgiven, but to think that this challenge would be relatively easy to complete. But as always breaks down in the Twitter thread, it was anything but easy. While they eventually succeeded, it took them eight months to do so. They even had to start the run several times, and completed it on the seventh attempt.

A complete explanation and some extra info can be found in the thread for Everest, but in the beginning it was harder to make sure that Link would never cross his path, even if the map logged it. First, if they ever crossed their path, they could not upload an older save to undo it since the game still keeps track of Links’ path anyway. And since they played on a proper Nintendo Switch and did not use an emulator, they could not use storage states, which would have bypassed this problem.

Not only that, but while some content can be skipped altogether, certain crop images will teleport Link to another location, which still draws a line on the map. Everest’s only respite came from the shrines since they do not appear on the map, which means that no lines are drawn as they move inside them.

Aside from the Twitter crash, the entire challenge can be viewed on YouTube for anyone interested in seeing how they accomplished it. And for anyone wondering if they will try it again when Breath of the Wild 2 is out, Everest has emphatically said that they will never try this challenge again.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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