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Breath of the Wild Modder arrested over illegal files

Link to a cool motorcycle from Breath of the Wild.

Picture: Nintendo

A 27-year-old man in Japan was arrested after he was caught trying to sell modified Zelda: Breath of the Wild save files.

As reported by Broadcasting System of Niigata (and discovered by Dextro) Ichimin Sho was arrested on July 8 after posting about modified storage files for the Nintendo Switch version of Breath of The Wild. He put his services on an unspecified auction site and described it as “the strongest software.” He wanted to provide modified storage files that would give the player improved abilities in the game, and also things that were difficult to obtain were made available at the request of the customer. In his original listing, he allegedly charged 3,500 yen (around $ 31 USD) for his service.

Niigata Prefecture police discovered the entry and arrested Sho on July 8 for possible violations Unfair law on competition prevention. After being arrested, the man admitted that he had sold modded storage and software before, and told police he had sold about 10 million yen (about $ 90,000 USD) in the past year and a half.

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While this may seem wild, being arrested for selling save files, it is not a new situation in Japan. Police in Japan have done so in the past arrested people for modifying video game software which violates unfair competition prevention law in Japan. The same law was also applied by Nintendo to sue a go-kart company in 2017. In 2015, another man in Japan was arrested after sells cheats in the popular online shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms.

In a comment given to BSN, Okazawa’s Deputy Director of the Niigata Prefectural Police’s countermeasure department asked people not to create, sell or buy modified storage data or software.

All of this seems a little extreme to me. I count on the police in Japan (and around the world for that matter) should be more focused on far more dangerous and important crimes. But I guess a guy selling some modified storage files for an old Switch game is important too … for some.


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