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Breath of the Wild 2 fans excited

A new rumor about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 has appeared ahead of E3 2021, and Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite fans have been thrilled. Right now, Nintendo has not confirmed whether the new one or not Zelda the game will lift its head during the special E3 2021 Nintendo Direct, but the expectation is that it will, and apparently it can be with a pop.

The rumor was first spread by Spawn Wave on Twitter. Taking to the social media platform, Spawn Wave revealed that they have “received a number of messages about a kind of Gamestop event next week” which “sounds like it might be Zelda related.”

By adding this, the most famous actor Jeff Grubb recorded, and passed on the word that he has heard similar rumbling before expanding to the claim.


7;ve heard some similar rumbling,” Grubb said in a quote-tweeting Spawn Wave. “GameStops expects to bring in more next-generation console supplies after E3, and that’s part of it, but they also expect a rush on June 15, the day of the Nintendo press.”

Now, assuming this is true, there are only two possibilities here. One, it’s a new one Zelda-themed Nintendo Switch coming. The second possibility is that Nintendo will reveal our first real glimpse of the game running on the highly acclaimed Nintendo Switch Pro, which is reportedly due to a revelation any day now. In fact, this almost has to be what Nintendo is preparing for if GameSpot expects to get the next generation of console supplies after E3. Right now, however, it is unclear how much of this is expected compared to what the dealer definitely knows is coming.

Unfortunately, right now we only have rumors and speculations. Whatever it ends up being, it sounds like Zelda will be a central part of the Nintendo E3 2021 Direct, and you guess this will include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

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